The upcoming open-world pirate game you forgot about… where is ‘Skull and Bones’?

The disappearance and many delays of the open-world single player and online pirate game ‘Skull and Bones’ has many concerned of it’s future. But, most of us completely forgot about this Ubisoft game, since it’s announcement back at E3 2017. Do you think it looks exciting from the details given? Let me know about it in the comments!

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  1. so whats gonna happen to black flag? is it gonna die?

  2. I don’t think skull and bones is open world, I think it’s just ship combat

  3. Greatings from 10 months in the future well its still dead and hoenstly even if it comes out next year i think im over it at this point

  4. I just want a single play pirate game just like black flag but focused just on the pirate part and allow us to sail EVERYWHERE! And give us the ability to have a tag along fleet!

  5. I have three questions about the game
    (I know that it hasn't been released yet, just asking)
    1. are you able to change what ship you are sailing (meaning have your main ship be similar in size to the HMS Victory).

    2. will there be a single player storyline in the game.

    3. what gaming platform will the game be released from (eg. steam or xbox)

  6. I love sea of thieves personally, I just wish it would have more fun and variety in combat like different land monsters, more weapons variety, etc.

  7. "Like black flag"

    Assassins creed Black flag WITHOUT the assassins creed would be perfect. Assassins creed and the memory machine PISSED ME OFF in black flag

  8. We really need a good PVE Pirategame. with coop. something to have fun with friends. not pvp like almost all other games….

  9. God I was so disappointed when I saw ship boarding was a cutscene!
    Back to the Jackdaw 🏴‍☠️

  10. For me ac black flag should add a DLC for the option to sail a man o war it would be great

  11. I hope to god it actually comes out march 2021, ive always wanted a game that goes fully into pirate battles.

  12. Maybe they are waiting the enought presence of next gen consoles on the market in order to prevent "2077like" Errors.

  13. I honestly would love this game. I used to love games like Pirates Of The Burning Seas (MMORPG) back in the day. The game was highly enjoyable with Port battles and boarding combat. The game eventually ran its course and with age the servers shut down. Which eventually led to many of the devs leaving and creating a more realistic experience like Naval Action.

    Naval Action is great for the realism and intuitive combat system based on armor thickness and angle. You can bounce cannon-balls for example and the direction of the wind is essential. Each ship has their own sailing characteristic based on the ships physical shape/design. Your masts and sails are taken into account giving you a wide variety of sailing experiences.

    However, the graphics here are perfect and I really love the fantasy element. I can't say I'd stop playing Naval Action considering the Historical ships that exist in game. But this would be a great alternative for a long time and I'm sad to see the game go. This genre is underrated heavily…

  14. Black flag but with more ship customizables and generally more content? I would sign in but Ubisoft will fuck this up some way i am afraid

  15. This is like the ultimate game for me. I have always been into pirates and their exploits. It’ll be really sad if this game does not see the light of day after such promising promos.

  16. Was that James Hetfield singing in the beginning lol

  17. I don’t mind it being like black flag. Just give us pirate multiplayer that is good.

  18. Too bad it is purely naval battles and not true open world to where you go on land.

    More like open world sea battles

  19. No they canceled it because nobody wanted ship only gameplay

  20. I'm sure my pirate friends would love this

  21. Game will never come out, if it does it will be a bog-standard PvP arena game. Always online competitive multiplayer with a big fat cash shop.

    Such a waste of potential.

  22. Ubisoft I am making a comment for you to see the seafight game of 2006, it is a more browser game with a very interesting gameplay and a cool rpg system and one thing you can put in skulls and bones which is a magic system (voodoo ) Very interresting in the seafight and that the skulls and bones have npc and monsters on the map so that it is not only pvp but also a game co-op and always events to destroy npc and monsters monthly and to leave the skulls and bones more unique and interesting not Wanting to copy the seafight .seafight does not take much of it for being a very pay to win game.

    There are not many pirate games plus look seafight for you to see that it would be very interesting a game of ships with an appearance of assassins creed with elements of rpg and evolution of seafight levels.

    The game of skulls and bones is very good, but in my opinion it will not be very strong, so with the element of pvp you have to put more things co-op that is what the players want to play with friends and be fun.

    This has been translated by google translate. thank you

  23. News on the game says delays are to add a open world to compete with sea of thieves

  24. what i would like is a (mostly) sandbox exploration game like sea of thieves except that you get to keep all your stuff and gathering matters and its also survival and multiplayer (like fallout 76/eso)

  25. I’m trying to find the One Piece bro let’s this game come out soon…

  26. I'd love to see this visual and gameplay style used as a remake for the classic Sid Meier's Pirates! with both a massive open world single player and coop campaign, along with some arena pvp/team pvp. So far, S&B looks about as close to that as anything

  27. My dad wants make pirate game after he played sea of thieves game

  28. came from the future to say they will never release this game

  29. Lol I see nothing wrong with it having the same gameplay as Black Flag, arguably the best pirate game ever made!

  30. I'm here because I liked the pirate ships in AC. They should have released this years ago. There OK releasing a horizon zero dawn clone but not a pirate ship game.

  31. Is it too much to ask for a realistic non fairy tale bs open world pirate rpg? Ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. Honestly Ubisoft and Rockstar working together to make a badass pirate game

  33. No actual single hand combat. Complete fail, this game will bomb hard.

  34. Are you still excited for Skull and Bones or did you completely forgot about it? Hopefully the delays means a MUCH better game!

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