These Anti Piracy Screens are Crazy…

How long is this Anti Piracy meme gonna last? :^)
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Didn’t realize how big this whole Anti Piracy thing has been getting! Seems there’s now a new anti piracy screen for just about every game! Some of these Anti Piracy screens are really something else… haha
In this video I check out a bunch of cool Nintendo Anti Piracy Screens as well as a few others! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out the creators of these!

Sources (In order, hopefully I got all of them, please check these creators out!):
► Pikmin 3:
► Luigi’s Mansion:
► Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
► Animal Crossing Wild World:
► Super Mario 64:
► Nintendogs:
► Mario Kart DS:
► Super Mario Galaxy:
► Mario Kart Wii (1):
► Mario Kart Wii (2):
► Sonic 1:
► Minecraft:
► NSMB Wii (1):
► WarioWorld:
► NSMB Wii (EU):
► Super Mario Galaxy 2:
► Goldeneye:

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Anti Piracy

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If you made it this far, comment: “I will NEVER pirate games TetraBit!”

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  1. Earthbound has a cool pirating system
    Which it tells you that it’s a pirated copie and lets you play
    But they enemy’s appear much more often
    And in the second phase of gigyas when pokey opens the devils machine the game freezes
    Hit reset and the game file is delete
    It’s a cool anti piracy feature

  2. There sometimes funny I guess I can’t tell if there nightmare fuel or joe mama funny

  3. for minecraft there's no anti piracy stuff since notch himself (the creator of the game) said that it's okay to crack the game if you just don't have enough money to buy it or you can't for any reason

  4. is it just me or does it look like mario is violently twerking b4 the end screen in the mario kart wii one… 😭☹️

  5. The thought that theese people actually had to commit piracy and record it

  6. This is a neat video! God bless you all 💓

  7. They are scare me and I got scared way to much

  8. If I made a game and someone pirated, it
    First off it would be a battle game so you know what this anti piracy screen means

    Alright so you wouldn’t be deal any damage, and to add to it all enemies would be overpowered as fuck plus you would be wearing an pirate outfit to really top it off.

  9. "It is a serious crime to pirate video games"
    Oh shut up Nintendo

  10. Oh fuck off with the fake piracy!

  11. for minecraft:
    i can confirm this is fake because i use pirated launcher (tlauncher) and im fine

  12. Nowadays there are work arounds for this.

  13. "When you pirate any of my games, your breaking the law. And that's no good!"
    -Sonic the Hedgehog

  14. my opinion of Mario wiikart pirated screen is: ''Oh no you have 3 days until Mario steals ur liver or just burn that pirated disk thank you!''

  15. Translating the code from the Mario wii anti piracy screen to English will say this name: Stan Quagsire

  16. its not serious crime if you just make backup. so no such thing is piracy.

  17. Imagine accidentally getting a pirated version and then you had to sit through all of that

  18. These piracy screens scare the LITERAL HELL out of me

  19. the other day, i was playing a free game, and it came up with a piracy screen?? how and why would you pirate a free game??

  20. Piracy is unlawful?
    Tell all governments that.

  21. Mario kart (1) is private

  22. I can agree.
    Piracy IS wrong but you don’t need to give people a huge jump scare.
    Especially if you tried to play with a very young sibling.

  23. If you wanna see anti piracy screens you don't have to pirate you just modify the code and you can get it

  24. on the NSMBW anti-piracy screen, the message was "Stan Quagsire"

  25. Hoestly I kinda wish with 2d mario games the first levels were renamed to 1-you suck.

  26. i pirated super mario bros for the NES and mario didn't steal my liver, but my s o u l .

  27. Notch was actually fine with pirated Minecraft because way before more than half of Minecraft players used pirated ones and some people still do to this day actually

  28. If you ask me, the Luigi's mansion anti-piracy screen should have been the dancing pumpkin man from your tails doll video.

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