These Anti Piracy Screens are Crazy…

How long is this Anti Piracy meme gonna last? :^)
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Didn’t realize how big this whole Anti Piracy thing has been getting! Seems there’s now a new anti piracy screen for just about every game! Some of these Anti Piracy screens are really something else… haha
In this video I check out a bunch of cool Nintendo Anti Piracy Screens as well as a few others! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out the creators of these!

Sources (In order, hopefully I got all of them, please check these creators out!):
► Pikmin 3:
► Luigi’s Mansion:
► Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
► Animal Crossing Wild World:
► Super Mario 64:
► Nintendogs:
► Mario Kart DS:
► Super Mario Galaxy:
► Mario Kart Wii (1):
► Mario Kart Wii (2):
► Sonic 1:
► Minecraft:
► NSMB Wii (1):
► WarioWorld:
► NSMB Wii (EU):
► Super Mario Galaxy 2:
► Goldeneye:

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Anti Piracy

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  1. 15:40, imagine the pirated cartridges of this one game self-destructed

  2. What many, many companies fail to understand, is most people who pirate games either A) Never had the intention of buying, nor would they buy it if piracy was stopped.
    B) Other People who pirate games do that to test the game out, to see if there are any bugs, if it is broken, if it's any good…
    Meaning they are not losing any money.

    Not to mention stealing a physical object like let's say an Apple is not the same as stealing music, a video game, song or something like that(Unless you count the cost of the disk). The developers and publishers still have the game on their hard disk, meaning no matter how many people pirate that game, they will never be able to literally "steal" It.

    Maybe more people would buy games today if they were DRM-free.

  3. 11:44 i know that was the candy bar rapper but i thought that was the sound of warios neck breaking in the piracy screen

  4. ‘Piracy is no party’
    Me with pirated mario party ds: idk man it kinda is…
    (My dad refused and still refuses to pay money for games. I basically had the console and i just had to accept it bcs otherwise i couldnt use it… for the ppl who say ‘well just buy one from ur own money’ until i went to highschool my allowance was literally 1€ a week…..)

  5. the minecraft one is DEFINETELY fake as the community made a TON of fan launchers/software which may be against the rules, but don't cause anything in the game to appear. Really only Nintendo games do this.
    Also minecraft has a demo sooo… yea

  6. Don’t mind me just asking google if roblox can be pirated

  7. HNA [Save 🇺🇦] - READY TO REACH 500 SUBS? says:

    13:43 Someone should tell Nintendo that they spelled "Thief!" wrong

  8. Ironic that Wario and James Bond are the only ones to give us the benefit of the doubt; maybe we bought the game from someone else who pirated it and we were none the wiser. I mean, I know the videos are fake, it's just funny that WARIO of all people thinks we're innocent lol. Same for Bond, he deals with criminals all day, you'd think he would be more suspicious.

  9. You pirated Sonic
    "That's no good dude!"
    … okay I'll see myself out

  10. Imagine just trying to play a mod of super Mario bros Wii just to realize that the game is going to think that it’s pirated.

  11. I have a Minecraft story mode disc that is completely like that but it was super glitched lol

  12. I have a rom of Nintendogs on my modded DSI, I own the cartridge too, that screen is fake.

  13. Sonic anti piracy:i sleep
    Mario anti piracy:I WANT YOUR LIVER

  14. cd drives are specially coded so basically when a game disc is inserted it will read the serial number printed thats right around the edge of the hole on the disc but i see here in some cases gaming companies like to have fun with pirates so i assume it reads the code allows you to get to said part before calling you out for pirating lol

  15. What if in the og 8bit Mario toad said “thanks Mario but the princess is not in the piracy world”

  16. Every time I hear that frickin Doki Doki music, I just want to stop what I'm doing and find another let's play of that game to watch

  17. DJ: I find you both guilty!
    Mario: WHAT DID WE DO!?!
    DJ: you both have been masterminds of piracy!
    Mario: SINCE WHEN?!?
    DJ: since Mario party DS
    DJ:😳 well that doesn’t matter you’ve been mastering piracy from PC ports to other ports and then PC ports again and don’t blame it on you’re Halloween costume’s

  18. Is it pirating a video game

    If it's lost media

  19. 13:48 The Secret Final Boss of New Super Mario Bros Wii has been revealed

    The EVIL U̷̯̺̟͖̒͌̾̔̂̓͐̉̐̉͝Ȃ̴̡̨̡̢̺̮̠̲̻̹̮̃̂̓͛̆́̈̌́̈́̈́̿͜͝G̴̛͖͕̘̳̯̯̹̤̀͌͆̈̿̋̐̀̉̂̈́͂͠S̵͚͔̞̤͖̏̈̾̽̓̽̈̽̏̓̆̚͝Ì̵̧͓̲̖͎̙̥̈́̐͜ͅS̶̘͈͉̞̠̟̩̀̒̀̌̂̎̓͋̀͑̍͘͝H̵̢̺͇͚͖̜̗̀͒̉̒̍̌̎̓́̏͒̈́B̷̨̻̳͕͓̫͍̟̠̥̽̀͠͝W̶̡̯̙̪̺̥̤̰̤͆̿M̶̜͚̌͘Z̵̺͙̍̊͊̀͝K̴̤̗͔̤͍̉̀͒͊͒̉̓̊̿̏͝X̷̗̳̱̟̗͚̖̰͕̳̮̃͋̆̚͠͝ͅT̶͍̺̠̒̽̇̈́̏͛͆́̑͝H̷̺͖̮̉̾̏̋͒͌̓̿̈͂͛̍̆̕Ḯ̷̤̜̙̖͇̱̘̟͉͇̗̥̼͉̾̂͜M̵̢͖̫̞̰̰͈̥̻̠͉͕̃̽̓͋̌̆͝͝͠

  20. There's no such thing as Minecraft anti-piracy

  21. Piracy screens: Unsettling and kind of scary

    Thats Oddly Straightforward.

  22. You are greatly welcome to join me for her comment and I hope you are well and your heart is amazing

  23. me, who pirates games to see what happens

  24. I hate how I can't find actual anti piracy stuff that's authentic anymore.

  25. The way I feel like that makes sense if a small company you bought the game from pirated it

  26. I think the messages that say to report it is if you buy a copy and it turns out to be pirated

  27. I feel like fan-made anti-piracy screens can be better. They can make a black or solid color screen and the AP message alone without the "scary" or horror stuff, use "unauthorized copy" instead of "pirated copy", or make the game unplayable, like using a made up language to replace the usual dialogue and text, or just make it harder to play (like in the Earthbound anti-piracy measures, by adding more enemies than usual)
    I'm not trying to hate or say something negative about the horror anti-piracy screens, but if somebody wants to try making an anti-piracy screen seem legit, it's best to make it not horror
    But there is an exception: The AP screen for Baldi's Basics KIckstarter Plus (i think) is pretty scary (actually, it's only just a screen with more Contrast)

  28. I love how no ones talking about sonic's his eyes literlly turn black at the end

  29. Gotta love how the fact none of the videos listed are attempts of being creepy. Good thing for me, because I'm watching this at 2AM.

  30. 10:18. Piracy like T launcher, Curseforge, and many others dont do this. Its made by the person who made it.

  31. the hexadecimals in the beginning say Stan Quagsire

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