This crew was way too SALTY 🧂 | Sea of Thieves #Shorts

Silly pirates…

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  1. Silly pirates… If you want to see this content live, check out me out on Twitch! I also post a weekly stream schedule in my Discord.

  2. This needs yo happen to u every day for weeks then u can talk😂

  3. Imagine stealing loot in the pirate game 🙄

  4. “He’s two shot” while watching you eat a pineapple

  5. You know you’re the boogeyman when they hit you with the “he’s back”.

  6. Cause your a griefer… ruins the game for everyone else

  7. This is the reason I don’t play this game. It’s fun to see happen to others, but it feels horrible when you just wanna have a good night

  8. Why is he so mad? Because that loot was probably a 4 hour sesh as good friends to have some cock come and ruin their fun

  9. I hate people like this I try to play for fun but people like this ruin the fun

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