This game just became my favorite pirate game

This game just became my favorite pirate game. The seven seas aren’t ready for this kind of booty.

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And myself 😀

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  1. Day 306 of asking Kevin to watch the amazing bulk

  2. hey kev when is my turn to be your crew mate?

  3. If you’re still playing I would love to join!

  4. The third tale features a replica of the Disney park ride

  5. You should make a whole video where all you do is piss off other players on a server in Sea of Thieves XD

  6. I both am grateful and sad that CallMeKevin will never be a part of my Crew. The straight mayhem this man attracts… Or creates…

  7. You lost my childhood hero! Kevin how could you?! 😭

  8. Day 29 of asking kevin to play mini ninjas


  10. Anyone else lose it when Kevin echoed I don't give a feck

  11. So you're telling me, witty jack, is closa den i tink

  12. Sea of Thieves, but it's a Sea of Skeletons. SoS.

  13. "Ahh shut up im gonna clean ya in the toilet." haha where in his head he pulls this shit from I have no idea but I love it, one of many gems in every call me Kevin video

  14. YouTube. Call Me Kevin played Sea of Thieves and you didn't tell me for two weeks?

    You have failed me for the last time.

  15. Need to start a pirate cult….

  16. This is literally the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride in a game 😍😍

  17. I was expecting that beginning cutscene voice to belong to Tia Dalma…. not… Barnacled-Not-Quite-But-Almost-Tia-Dalma.

  18. OK I love that this movie-based POTC stuff also includes dialogue scripts from the original ride
    ETA: oMG It's even got OG ride audio and other references I need this game
    ETA2: Oh my GAWRSH they even added the Paul Frees ghost pirate I have a very mighty need

  19. I hope someone in this comments section already told Kevin that the Dead Men Tell No Tales voice is from the original ride cause if not then I'm gonna tell him cause I love the ride

  20. "I couldn't afford one of those thing in the front… Like a mermaid."
    Do you, by any chance, mean a figurehead? You can thank assassin's creed 4 black flag, rogue and valhalla for that. 'Cause you can costumise your ship and put different scolptures on the front of your ship.

  21. Kevin, you need to ride the pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in California. This game will make a lot more sense!

  22. My favorite pirate game is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Nobody asked, but I still answered!

  23. I can echo too, "III ddooont giiivveee aaa ffeeekkk" 😀

  24. Yeah pretty nice game ! Until you see pretty much everything there is to see in like.. 5 hours maybe ? XD

  25. Kevin is a fan of booty, but not the usual kind… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. Tell me you haven’t been to Disneyland without telling me 😂

  27. Fek!!!! You just spoiled me teh content :’(

  28. I know I'm late to the party here, but a lot of the audio you hear in the intro tale is from the classic Disneyland ride. As someone who has fond memories of the attraction, the first time I played this, it made me tear up a bit.

  29. Man that voice actor does such a good job doing Jack Sparrow's voice. I actually had to google is that Johnny Depp? And it AINT!

  30. Prediction at 0:11 Cannibalisms or really good fisher to be that fat out at sea.

  31. When you go to click like, accidentally dislike and panic quickly trying to take it back as if Kevin could tell I personally disliked his channel 😅

  32. Kevin: “He keeps saying the name of the movie”
    Me: He clearly hasn’t been on the ride
    Also Me: Oh yeah, he is a Irish man in Spain

  33. *gets lost, sees the souls of the damned,
    " hey, I should be joining you soon!"
    just straight positive energy

  34. Kevin, you played Flight 9f the Valkyries, not Flight of the Bumblebees…

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