This game just became my favorite pirate game

This game just became my favorite pirate game. The seven seas aren’t ready for this kind of booty.

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And myself 😀

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  1. aww i wish i could encounter a Call Me Kevin while sailing, fun game but omg the second part of the tale is the worse xD any lvl that has to do with underwater is a pain in the ass

  2. Day 3 of asking Kevin to colab with Farmhouse78 (steeeeevennnn) from GTA RP no pixel!

  3. "He keeps repeating the name of the movie"

    Ah I see you're not much of a theme park guy

  4. I like Kevin but oh my god, Kevin talking over Kevin talking over Kevin talking over Kevin is the most annoying sound ever, lol

  5. kevin for the love of pete play SoT with open galleon… and troll them. You'll find a UK crew witihn the hour 😀

  6. Bro I just finished this! I would have completed the tall tale with you.

  7. The castaway is Calypso btw you can tell by her voice and the way she acts

  8. How dare you play Sea of Thieves and play solo, your multiplayer content is always the best dude.

  9. goddamned friendship was the treasure again 🤬😤

  10. I'm not sure if he knows pirates life is PvE

  11. Play dread hunger it a perfect game for you.

  12. I have ptsd of being stuck on the pirates ride in Disney and hearing the yo ho millions of times or the dead men tell no tales

  13. every time the narrator says “dead men tell no tales” i just feel more and more like i’m in some amusement park like adventure island or something

  14. been playing through this solo as well, one of my favorite updates

  15. Callmekevin teammates
    You have to be the worse pirate ive ever seen
    Callmekevin but you have heard off me

  16. day 88 of asking Kevin to play little nightmares

  17. I'm very impressed with the homage this game did to the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride! It's got a lot of references to it

  18. You should play Sid Meier's pirates! Thats the best one

  19. Pfft, that's no library, it's a science tower!

  20. I like how they constantly say dead men tell no tales. The literal first dead man you meet (the skull guy) immediately wants to tell you his tale.

  21. Can’t wait for callmekevin 3mil subscribers

  22. alot of the things the "Ghost voice" was saying while in the cave was from Pirates ride in disney world" lol

  23. Fun fact: some of the audio files including the "dead men tell no tales" are the ones used on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Disney parks.

  24. It sucks how hated on this game is, it’s an underrated gem that genuinely rivals some PlayStation exclusives

  25. I love playing the hurdy gurdy in this game so much

  26. Why do you spell Favourite the American way? I'm guessing it's the same reason as Xisumvoid, Americans constantly commenting that it's spelled wrong.
    You're Irish and (like it or not) we use British English. Americans need to learn that there are different words/spellings for things outside of the US

  27. That's ride of the valkyries Kevin, not flight of the bumble be.
    Othe than 100% authentic pirate experience

  28. That voice… it's… actually not Jack Sparrow. It was a 10 minute scene, couldn't they have afforded the real Sparrow to voice it?

  29. Hey just wondering if you got your photos printed

  30. i think you need to google what the flight of the bumble bee actually sounds like

    or not, because I laughed my ass off at that unintentional joke
    you were close

  31. that “you have a jar of dirt” reference lmao

  32. It was Kevin shining the laser pen at Kasper Schmeichel's face!

  33. Honestly it's about time Kevin and Jack link up. I feel like it just makes sense

  34. Kevin: Sea of thieves is my new favorite pirate game
    Pirates of the Caribbean: sad sailing playlist noises

  35. Kevin: Jumping around playing music and talking over her
    Her: Still listening? Then listen close.

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