This is What Happen When You Install *PIRATED GAMES* on Your PC

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Hello doston aj hum is video me baat karne wale hai KI KYA HOGA AGAR AAP APNE pc me pirated games install krte hain
To is video ko ant tak zarur dekhen

My Test Specs :
KeyBoard (My Fav) :
Processor :
RAM 4X :
Motherboard :
CPU Cooler :
Power supply :
Cabinet :

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  1. you would be an idiot to not try before you buy these days. money is hard to come by for some people. when they find a game they actually enjoy they can feel confident about buying it after trying it for free.

  2. You clearly are very ignorant to say that all pirated games are viruses

  3. Apunkagames and ocean of games are best 😍😍

  4. Not really…I've tried pirating many times not even a single virus..
    and pirating made me a gamer i mean u can use pirated games for first time because if you spend the game in an unknown game and you played it became bad that means you just wasted your money on an unknown game thats why we pirate..
    sometimes we dont have money thats why we pirate games….
    And only gamers know how to pirate without virus and know all safe website to pirate on.

  5. If you ar that scared install it in a virtual machine

  6. Thanks yaar. We totally didn't know pirated games compromise our pc. Infact I have heard of virus for the first time watching this video. Great job.

  7. Bhai please batao ki game install kaise karte hai..

  8. This is. None sense there are many extremely safe places especially in this day and age, the fight against certain kinds on monetizations was a looong fought battle and some do it for the good of the common man

  9. Pirated games are those which we download with magnet links from UTorrent or BitTorrent is it?

  10. Honestly agar games pirated ny milte toh woh games popular bhi nahi hoti

  11. Lmfao, I've never used any antivirus software and have been pirating games and softwares for 15+ years.

  12. Installed over 20 games from apunkaganes and i turn on my antivirus always but i not get any single virus

  13. Maybe you have money to buy games , but we classify ourselves as "Gamers" only because of Pirated games. Stop whining and confess that you cannot download games. Get some views from it and buy games with that money . 😂

  14. acctully i have no idea what he is saying but from my long experience in pirated games the cracked games perform lower than paid games because sometimes the problemes is about optimization unlike pirated games it is super rare that u find latest update in games, i know most of games are realeased in deluxe edition or legendery whatsoever and u can get DLCs for free but paid games u can play online and its safe u might have no problems in ur country but others have espically with pirated things in genral not just the games

  15. Isliye chutiya mullo ke bt nhi sune jaate hein

  16. Last week I've took the decision that I'll never pirate a game else I'll purchase them. And I wanna tell you one thing today I bought 10 games in the Steam sale. 😂

  17. the title is english but the monkey speaks dirt language

  18. bhai 13 saal se pirated games khel raha hu aur aaj tak kabhi koi virus nahi mila qki usko trusted websites se download karta hu aur pirated games ko run karna jada assan hai, genuine games run karne keliye pahle steam login karo ya epic login karo fir agar ubisoft ka game hai to uske baad uplay login karo fir game chalega, in sabkeliye net chahiye, 1st time game ko activate karne keliye net chahiye hi aur kabhi kabhi beech me bhi login maang leta hai.. pirated me aisa kuch nahi hota, bas installation me hi kabhi kabhi dikkat aati hai uske baad kahi login karne ka jhanjhat nahi hai..,lekin jab se pc keliye gamepass aaya hai tab se wahi use karne laga hu, sah leta hu thoda, pirated me ek hi khraabi hai ki uss se online games nahi khel sakte…

  19. Bhai quick heal ka antivirus raha thuo bhi aisa hi hota hai kya

  20. Bhai tu encrypt ko decrypt bol raha aur decrypt ko encrypt bol raha damm

  21. Ye sb chodo win10 konsa original use krte h hm 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Torrent badshah tha aur rahega tu apna kaam kr tu gamer hai he nhi

  23. Me, who don't use internet when i play pirated games🙂

  24. don't download from ocean of games. when you turn of your defender. they force you to install some apps. and then while installing the setup. they delete the windows security. boom you don't have windows security. and you cant reset your pc directly and some features won't work. I faced the same problem. be aware guys.

  25. Really informative video, much love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  26. Pirated kahae download krte ho vo matter karta he
    koi anjan website se krte ho to jokhim badh sakta he

  27. Pov : You don't know any safe pirating websites

  28. Bhai Game Kharid Naa Hai To Tu Dede Paise

  29. Brother i am using pirates games for past 14 years and 14 years games will be worth Aas Pass 1 Million Dollar and In this past years i have purchased around 5 pc and i only upgrade Ram and Graphics Card i dont play on High Graphics because my aim is to finish the game in maximum 1 week and till now i never got my computer hacked nor virus attack.Things to remember when we download pirates games don't install the game where windows system file is 2nd always try to remove cache after playing the game and after downloading i use CC cleaner and lastly check your FPS when FPS drop when you are playing game it means virus is activated and your computer may using for mining or DOS attack…Only game i spend money was CS1.6 and it's worth

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