this is why people pirate games

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  1. I’ll give it a few months before they result to sales so people can reasonably afford the more expensive editions to draw in sales cuz of this shit

  2. I pirated anti virus free trial yes but if not cancelled then it would charge me huge bill

  3. I haven’t spent a dime on Ubisoft and EA in over a decade. They will never change for the good

  4. When random game companies think their game is some kind of gta 6 level game and have the guts to put these prices

  5. Dont buy new games.. not even pirate them.. just a waste of time

  6. The only game that I’m willing to pay $70+ for is GTA 6, other than that I wait for a $70 game to go on sale

  7. 129.99 US is 180 canadian. Mercifully, they're only charging 170.

  8. Yea I’ll probably buy it from a website that sell for cheap

  9. These companies are disgusting and predatory as f.

  10. In Australia the base game is $109.95 the ultimate edition is $199.95

  11. Plus it's probably going to be almost unplayable for the first like month and a half after release anyways

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a game over $10 at full price in my life.

  13. remember.
    pirate from indie devs and only
    buy from big studios

  14. ALSO you cant use steam family sharing for ubisoft games, my brother has south park the fractured but whole, if i want to play it i have to buy it myself, so yeah im gonna pirate it if i ever want to play it. because why the fuck should i spend even $10 to play a game my brother already owns???

  15. This is not why people pirate games. Mfs act like all pirates have some anti-comapny ulterior motive or some shit.

    People pirate games out of desperation. The fuck kinda logic is "oh people pirate gsmes because they have stupid ultimate editions"

  16. 129.99 usd is not 400 cad it’s closer to 200


  18. Dont forget, you are paying for the bug fixing!

  19. I got Diablo 4 ultimate for me and a friend each copy was 100 and then it was a terrible game for a few months so we didn't touch it, now its a better game but it doesn't run well on last gen consoles which is what we have, mine runs at 10 frames per second no matter how well my wifi is running at the time

  20. Yeah, I don't play Ubisoft games anymore. This is one of the many reasons why. I haven't played an Ubisoft game since I wanna say the original Horizon Zero Dawn. It was aight. I never finished it

  21. With that kind of money I’d just buy some indie title and be much more satisfied

  22. And somehow, people still buy it. At this point "don't buy the game to make them realize" is almost impossible nowaday 😅

  23. Don't forget they are making it online only meaning you need internet 24/7 to play a single player game

  24. This is why I wait till they go on sale for cheap like Jedi fallen order I got for $5 like bruh if people wait then buy it ypu save so much money

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