This is why people pirate games..

Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Ubisoft pulling another sneaky with Assassin’s Creed Shadows Pricing

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  1. just buy the base game you dont need the others, many games have expansion packs. And how are they butchering Japanese history by highlighting an outlier story of it.

  2. Just I'm saying Larian and Rockstar, any company will not reach their level about everything. I mean game prices and what they offer for this, game design, storyline and so many thing. Ubisoft just a garbage, people shouldn't care what they miss cause they are not missing anything.

  3. What a month of companys doing their worst 😂

  4. What a month of companys doing their worst 😂

  5. Why would anyone pirate Ubisoft? The game will be trash, the software will be spyware and it’ll be on sale for $20 in six months

  6. Not again … its even the same layout as star wars

  7. sad part is that u cant pirate it, its always online game

  8. I saw it was a black dude and I said Oh maw gawd. Partially that is cool that it looks like the first black samurai but it also looks like it's just to piss people off. Honestly might be cool. you can play ghost of tsunami and this.

  9. I pirate games cause I can not fucking buy them from russia

  10. I like to hate woke garbage just like the next guy but what exatly is the problem with this specific instance?
    This time Yasuke was a real person. Maybe he was a samurai maybe he wasn't. That doesn't really matter. He was a soldier for nobunaga and AC wasn't reallistic for a really long time now anyway. Normally Wokists black wash someone or put black people where they don't really fit but but this time they use a real black person from history and people still complain. Many stories from middle ages japan revolve around white people. Like the books/tvshow Shogun or Nioh. Yet, nobody complains about those that there were only a handfull of white people in japan at the time.

  11. This game is still being made? How many times can someone jump into a hay pile?

  12. I don't see the big problem here. We've always had games come with various editions. You pay 60-70 dollars for the base game and if you want to, you can spend more for additional seasonal content.

  13. lmao y'all buying games for 100 bucks

  14. The ad for this video for me was literally Assassin's Creed Shadow's one and the first word you hear in the ad is "Greed".

  15. Disagree, the samurai with skin as black as ink is a real history, even the use of women as assassins is accurate to, the price is abusive, yes, but i cant see the characters being miss used.

  16. Aren't y'all tired of Assassin's Creed games yet!? I stopped playing after AC2.

  17. Everyone is mad but people are still going to buy this

  18. Ubipirate games =)
    I will never buy a game from them, pirate for life.

  19. This will be the standard going forward. Just don't buy any AAA game

  20. I hate Ubisoft nowadays but he keeps saying "Why is there a season pass ?" when there have been season passes for games since like 2013 afaik. It's not an excuse but this isn't new, he just realized this when he stopped playing WoW and realized there are other games.

  21. And people keeping complaining about Microsoft and Sony.

    Bruh, scumbags like Ubisoft and EA are millions tines worse!

  22. Couldn't tell you the last triple or quad A game I've bought. You'd honestly be going back to 2010.

  23. Brother I spent my whole allowance on Dark Souls franchise, better have a permanent game rather than temporary food

  24. I wouldn't even bother pirating a Ubisoft game.

  25. Valhalla is the last game I will purchase from UBISOFT! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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