This is why people pirate games..

Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Star Wars Outlaws Game Pricing in 2024

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  1. Ubisoft are just a bunch of money greedy a-holes who pretend they are saints. Wow what a surprise. The ones who scream for more diversity and equality are actually the biggest badguys, never seen that one coming! 😮

  2. There's a reason why I have never spent more than $25 to buy a game and that started way before DLC and microtransactions were a thing. Seeing shit like this and knowing there are people paying for it creates an awful feeling for the future. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Don't buy into this corporate greed.
    Support indie developers instead.

    There's a rich abundance of fantastic indie games on places like Steam and GoG; they cost a fraction of AAA titles and have actual effort put into them.

  4. Ubisoft, Pirates can't pirate thier games anymore.

  5. "Pay to Boba Fett" II…

  6. Why does a single player game need a season pass? This game was doomed to fail after they made the main character look like she has more testosterone than the average man and the community manager already attacking white male gamers. I can already see them complaining when it fails it's the white men the bigots who don't like females in games, that's not a female thats a man with long hair Eve is a female.

  7. And then in 5 years they'll shut down the game's servers and nobody can play it anymore

  8. Wow, $110 dollars that's like $170 in Australia 😅

  9. Im not even pirating this teen girl trash. Outlaws my ass. Why are most new characters in The Star Wars universe young women now? SEEMS A LITTLE WEIRD NO? All these alien species and were still playing as HUMANS??? Thats some non inclusive shit right there.

  10. "$70 is necessary as the games' sizes and quality alongside polish expands beyond what was before" my ass

  11. You've got periods in history called industrial revolution, old Greek time, new time and soon we will have the discusting corporate and shareholder shitfuckery time.

  12. You can't pirate this game because of Denuvo

  13. Does Ubisoft provide a political activist discount?

  14. 100$ garbage with lightsabers vs 10$ game about picking up garbage and selling it to the company with endless fun.

  15. After what their community manager said….I expect it to go on sale a month after launch.

  16. They need their Star Wars license taken away

  17. It's amazing that they demand such a sum for their garbage games. I think that only GTA 6 would probably be worthy of such a price tag.

  18. How the f did Ubi get the gaming rights right afer EA? Who’s next? Blizzard?

  19. Subscribe for 1 month, play the game and unsubscribe.

  20. Its really challenging to convince people of shit, to say that its gold.

  21. See, that's $100 USD…. then convert it, that's $150 AUD, that's three months of public transport to and from work for me. Aint no damn way.

  22. What do you expect from DEIsney, Lucasfilth, and You-be-soft?

  23. And you will see morons in droves pay that money for a sub par experience

  24. Stupid practices, they only fuel hate towards them. Nothing intelligent here.

  25. I actually would buy it however they greeded out by not putting there games on steam again
    No steam no buy

  26. This shit isn't even worth pirating. I'm sorry for all the people who worked in this garbage.

  27. Wrong. As usual. People pirate games because they're thieves.

  28. Anyone who keeps buying those games is an idiot and deserves that. The problem is everyone suffer because of them.

  29. and this is why i dont buy games made by ubisoft lol

  30. meh… ps plus will just eventually give it to you for free. they have given me some big hits… subnautica, no man's sky, snowrunner…. etc. i used to port ubi sux games to steam… but they are killing that off so you have to use their ubi sux connect. think it's time to boycott ubi soft….

  31. You know he says this is the worst, but with the sub you get everything, and every game. With blizzard you pay for the sub and you still have to pay for absolutely everything separately.

  32. At this point if you buy something like that then you're either very stupid or you hate video games.

  33. I put Ubisoft on my ignore/block list, haven't regretted it since, it's not like they release good games anyway so no loss on my part.

  34. Ubisoft was one of the very first publishers to make it on to my shitlist over a decade ago. They have always been terrible, but it's really bad now. Not even worth pirating.

  35. It's nauseatingly infuriating how they are not even trying to hide their new scheme of "not owning the game" shitfuckery. Yet I have zero hope as people will keep gobbling up shit and if this is even semi successful financially then for fucking certain other companies will start doing it and eventually we will have literal zero control even over singleplayer games and that is also how modding will die.

  36. Let me guess: it’s another “quadruple A game”…🙄

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