This New Pirate Survival RPG is INCREDIBLE…

Welcome to IfSunSets Gameplay. IfSunSets Game is a adventure RPG/ survival game. During the day time, get supplies for the survival all over the island. At night, you will encounter a strong and dreadful monsters tracking you down.

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  1. I mean looks ok but this video leaves alot to yet found

  2. 7 days to die who lol definitely could be the pirate game we been waiting for, plz play more

  3. the melee swing animations look a lot like the ones of Osiris: New Dawn

  4. at around 8.25 thats really nice how the palm fronds fall to ground more slowly than the branches.

  5. tried to follow them on twitter to keep up with the game, and the account was suspended. also noticed the steam page has a ton of spelling/sentence errors. wondering how much of this game is getting carried by graphics and if it'll surpass anything past the basic survival game. i hope it does tho, because i'd love a pirate game like this to pull it off. just skeptical with all the gaming drama around games like this recently…

  6. Not sure if the rise of survival games is a result of the world going to shit but it's about time we got some cool post-apocalyptic one with modern graphics.

  7. Pc always gets the most interesting games

  8. I want a pirate game ambitious as one piece. Ai crew members or real players. Infinite ship sizes and types. A HUGE PLANET

  9. a pirate rpg without ships and sea battles.. yea no thanks

  10. Its ok but smells like a asset flip … who the heck on earth codes to eat bandaid πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  11. Give us Sea of Thieves – Survival. That's what we really want.

  12. This and your nightingale vid have me wanting both.

  13. What's the thing flying around you , a fairy . It's annoying as hell my eyes hurt

  14. I was looking for part 2 and realised this video has only come out yesterday,πŸ₯Ί

  15. That fairy circling you is something I hope you can turn off

  16. Would really like to see more πŸ₯ƒπŸ‘

  17. πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”

  18. this game is amazing cant wait for full release sucks demo end after day 5.

  19. The wood chopping is weird.. I noticed you hit with the back end of it but it some how reverts to the other edge lol.

  20. Please do a series playthrough.
    I know its not a complete game yet but would love to see more gameplay.
    Truly awesome game.
    Reminds me of arks building mixed with black flag..

  21. Try killing the fairy… curse ended. πŸ˜…

  22. Already better then skull and bones

  23. When the developers can't afford to put spaces in their name

  24. Well. there will be no sailing at all as far as I know, just wandering around an island. Not much different than the forest clones I guess. Pirate mood is barely visible therefor pointless – that's my first impression.

  25. so many gaming companies have tried making a good pirate game and theyve all failed for me personally, this has promise ill keep watching its development. ty.subbed.

  26. Thanks for the alternative! Just started the vid. Hoping to see Sea of Thieves meets Black Flag.

  27. This is what Sims Castaway looked like in my mind back then πŸ˜‚

  28. I love the concept but the graphics and animations aren't up to par. Too bad I really like the idea of pirates and survival stranded on an island!

  29. Ehhh, the game is warning you of nightfall, and you haven't even started walls yet. The crafting could be time consuming, you are losing valuable time lol.. this might get ugly

  30. Me over thinking the Forest comment about cannibalistic monsters . So which is it , are they humanoid or monsters or are we monsters ? Confusion throughout whole game play. Or is it a saying that they're disfigured humans that eats humans idk honestly . πŸ˜…

  31. He placed his newly crafted spiked wall on the bandage and it deleted the bandage from his inventory…LOL

  32. itΒ΄s only me or the fairy is a bit annoying?

  33. Honestly this game doesn't look that good. UI looks like shit and it just looks like an asset flip

  34. Does it have boats? No boats, no pirate game.

  35. how many people can play this together?

  36. I was not ready for that to end! And that makes for a great game! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I cannot wait for release! The more gameplay I see on this the better! πŸ™‚ great work partial

  37. The fairy going around and around is lame though

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