This New Pirate Survival RPG is INCREDIBLE…

Welcome to IfSunSets Gameplay. IfSunSets Game is a adventure RPG/ survival game. During the day time, get supplies for the survival all over the island. At night, you will encounter a strong and dreadful monsters tracking you down.

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  1. This game is really fun and looks really nice! What do you guys think about it?!

  2. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell meets Rick Grimes vibes.

  3. Poor Ducthman, found by Royal sitting against the box, still so far great video! Might buy game myself when it comes out or is it? Somewhat reminds me of New World.

  4. looks like green hell
    with skeletons and pirates

  5. This game looks amazing can’t wait for you to play more of this

  6. Looks like a game that could be a lot of fun! Looks awesome already.
    Have to say, was fun seeing you lost 😂 that’s something that doesn’t happen very often

  7. not sure if you figured it out or not.. but you cant loot stuff with the mallet equipped, thats why the bird nests didnt show up as lootable earlier.

  8. There is another Pirate open world game coming out Feb 15th. Caribbean Legend.

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