This New VR Pirate Game Is TOO REALISTIC

Bootstrap Island is an intense, realistic VR survival game, inspired by “Robinson Crusoe”. As the sole survivor of a 17th-century shipwreck you must quickly learn and adapt to survive against vicious beasts, explore the island and improve your skills to discover the mysteries of the tropical island

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  1. The parrots sound like an enemy backpack in tabor… your right in getting nervous.

  2. This needs a series my captain ❤❤❤ you are amazing i loved your BEN GRYLLZ ❤️ this is gonna be ZEEEEEEENNNN BLUUUUUDDDDDD 😂

  3. I recommend watching the devs vids.
    Day 1 is short because you start at mid day.
    Lots of important stuff is missing at the moment (like an inventory).
    For now you can only carry as much as you can balance or put in a container.
    You can carry lots of bullets in a coconut or clam shell.
    You can use leaves and the outer coconut husks for kindling.
    You can also get sparks using 1 rock against a boulder.
    Use your hands to scoop fresh water.

  4. Need more underware to survive the night, scary shit.

  5. This is fantastic! Your coconuts were impressively well-organized on day 1 🙂 But your gunpowder measuring could use a bit of practice… 😉

  6. Omg episode 2 Please! I can't wait to watch more of this game!!!

  7. This video was amazing. Part 2 would be awesome

  8. Best game for the capn episode 2

  9. You have to use a certain amount of gunpowder when using the flintlock or else it will fly out of your hands when you fire

  10. Plank this would make a great series ❤😂🎉

  11. Those aren't wolves they are Tasmanian tigers

  12. I absolutely love your videos , I always laugh my ass off especially when I'm using a certain plant😂

  13. This Game looks awesome!! I'm definitely getting this. By the way, the pistol might be flying out of your hand because of too much powder, maybe try a bit less next time.

  14. Boring man give us tabor and tabor only dumbass games

  15. Always loved your Videos I've been watching you for a long time keep up the great videos and stay awesome!

  16. Papa, me want more vid…

  17. Just noticed another VR game that should be as funny as it is stressful.
    Kill It With Fire, was released last year.
    You mission find and kill the spider while not destroying the house.
    Seems simple enough for the Jonny Wicks pest control company.

  18. Mate! That was hilarious! Let's go on an adventure

  19. This game makes me interested in VR again.

  20. You are aa fuggin legend Plank!

  21. does it let you grab the little ramrod under the barrel to pack the load?

  22. OK when i watched it looked amazing i went and bought it its still amazing but um there isnt shit to do other than run for 5 mins make a fire survive the night run for 5 mins make a fire then again and again and i had no LCUE where to go bc there are 3 things you have to find but map is huge it feels like 🙂 so a part 2 might or might not be coming but i still want it

  23. Oh man….giving me vibes of days long gone 🤘 Remember stranded deep…how you couldnt fit that damn shark in the house 😂

  24. Those weren't wolves, they're Tasmanian tigers

  25. This game seems fun an interesting I would like to see more episodes of this game. Keep up the good work.

  26. I’m not trying to be rude but it does sound like he wears braces sorry to be rude

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