This VERY Promising Upcoming Open-World Pirate Sim HAS BOARDING COMBAT | Corsairs Legacy Gameplay


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  1. I need a combination of Sid Meier's Pirates and the sword play and open world mechanic of Ghost of Tsushima, this doesn't quite do it

  2. I guess everyone has forgotten about "Naval Action".

  3. Pirate's Dynasty was announced in December, not sure on release dates. But same studio as medieval dynasty.

  4. Blood and Gold: Caribbean!, pretty good pirate themed game. Also includes first person action, like Mount and Blade.

  5. Hey raptor idk if you ever played naval action but it's also a pirate game you might to check out on steam

  6. This game already blows away naval action just by having a more immersive open world sailing mechanic.

  7. So a game that this reminds me of is Naval Action. I really enjoy that game but it seems to be dying😟 you’d probably like it though.

  8. black flag still looks and feels better than this game in 2023

  9. their names are accurate for the different ammo, BUT, where they say bar shot (which is a thing) they have a picture of chain shot.

    Bar/Chain shot served the exact same purpose but one just had a solid bar/shaft between the balls (LOL) and the other had a chain.
    Oh chain shot was slightly more compact for storage

  10. Great memories from Pirate's: Captain's Quest

  11. That looks like a copy/paste of the Sea Dogs 2. Try them out, great game.

  12. Interesting, I tried looking up all these flags, be nice to known which is which for 1688 Caribbean factions.

  13. The blue flag with the white plus should be and older Greece flag I believe

  14. Can I just say that you sound a lot like Graystillplays. Btw awesome video.

  15. VERY similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea which is good. Been waiting for similar game with updated graphics, water, and economy

  16. Certainly looks like one to keep your eyes on! Hopefully they'll also put in the ability to visually take out sails, lose a bow sprit due to ramming, firing single shots of your cannon to snipe down singular masts and such. I hope they keep at it because with Naval Action going further into the toilet I don't have a good age of sail game that scratches that itch!

  17. I love the cannon sounds in this game, they sound so great!

  18. Omg it’s sea dogs but remastered basically!

  19. looks to cartoony for me if it had graphics like naval action id consider it

  20. this game kinda lacking compared to Assassins Creed black flag

  21. another example of indie studios nowadays are making the interesting games people actually wanna play

  22. this looks pretty cool. thanks for the share

  23. I had Pirates Gold on my Mac by Sid Meiers. (around 1994 or so) It was an enjoyable game in its day. The game Broadsides for Atari 8 bit also had some interesting aspects. Wish i could see something good on the mac.

  24. Oh so it’s like assassins creed 4 without being able to go on land

  25. Age of Pirates of pirates are the best pirate games ever.

  26. congrant this game make ubisoft skull and bone become a joke

  27. This is just a re skin of the Pirates of the Caribbean game from like 17 years ago ! Love it ! Great game simple yet fun

  28. Also the studio is from Kiev, Ukraine which makes this game even more supportable.

  29. grape shot and chain shot are not the same. grape shot is like a shot gun made fore killing crew but has really short range.

  30. Sid Meiers Pirates is the best one ever made

  31. This game, brings back memories.. Look up Sid Meier's Pirates.. 😉 basically same game, but i guess 20 years old now.

  32. This game is looking like its gonna be pretty decent.

  33. commenting before even watching the video:
    God I hope this game is good. I'm so depressed by games like these.

    Naval action is a joke.
    sea of thieves is a dull cartoon mmo with no progression
    ultimate admiral age of sail feels half complete, and really just abandoned.
    skull and bones is basically a how-to on how NOT to develop a game.
    Anything worth its salt is ancient at this point.

  34. Very cool video rapto😀r game is very interesting good potencial for pirate game

  35. sid meier's pirates is old but its hands down the best pirate game there is

  36. its Akella copy or Akella remastered… choose one

  37. this reminds me of that POTC game i used to play everyday

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