This VERY Promising Upcoming Open-World Pirate Sim HAS BOARDING COMBAT | Corsairs Legacy Gameplay


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  1. I would like to hear the sea, the guns have amazing sound but he game overall looks silent

  2. Amazing ! This is a new game with better graphics . The last one was The Pirates of the Caribbean ( Sea Dogs 2 ) from 2003 . I waited 20 years for a game like this

  3. All is good and decent they need to work on the sounds more.

  4. Record a video, then — an interesting text, then mount it so that you do not have to watch a static screen for several minutes.

  5. I love pirate games and they are my second favorite genre, only lower on my list than the Medieval genre. I have my eyes on Corsairs Legacy, as well as on Pirate's Dynasty. Sadly, both ganes need to show me more, because so far, both games are lacking in videos, content and information. Both games graphics look outdated, swordplay is clunky and unrealistic, the blocking mechanics do not seem to work, the lands seem a bit empty, the walking is clunky and unrealistic too and the game mechanics are lacking so far, as well.

    Pirate's Dynasty is looking a tad better at the moment, but I will give both games more time, in order for them to prove to me that their games are worthy of my time and money. Both games graphics are looking like the old Pirates of the Caribbean/Sea Dogs/ Age of Pirates, which is not a good thing by 2023 tech standards. They should both resemble something more like , but even better than Vendetta: Curase of Raven's Cry.

    I hope that one of these two games get it right, because I'd love to play an almost perfect and entertaining pirate game, that I have yet to see, but hope to see before I die. A pirate game with outstanding graphics, excellent combat mechanics, huge open world with many, many quests, side quests and side activities, RPG elements galore, character, ship, weapon and gear customization, sexy and promiscuous wenches, romance, great soundtracks, a living breathing world, trade and economic system, political intrigue, sabotage, ambushes, alliances, flora, dangerous and friendly fauna, forts, exceptional sea battles, lots of treasure chests, eating, drinking, singing, gambling, pistol dueling, tons of caves, character builds with skills, attributes and backgrounds, hideouts, player home(s) and an exciting adventure of pillaging and plundering for the ages.

    Time will tell!… But if more of these pirate games continue to fail and/or fall short of my expectations, at least I'll have Crimson Desert and Starfield to keep me happy and entertained for years to come. As well as Skyblivion, Beyond Good & Evil 2, The Elder Scrolls 5, Mass Effect 5, Mafia 4, Dragon Age 4, Where Winds Meet and even DokeV, which are still a ways away. Good luck!

  6. Oh and, there's also Pirate Simulator. The graphics are realistic and gorgeous, but I still need to see more and get more info about the game, before deciding to part with my Dubloons.

  7. This game has a future. I hope they add more ships, treasure hunts on islands, some cities, and a trading system. It will become the greatest pirate game.

  8. I would like to support anybody making pirate/sailing games, because I love it, but this is one a little bit disappointing as a player from Naval Action. I mean, the wind is just kind of a cartoon here. The spanker is not even reacting to the changing angle across the wind. Sails are not adjustable, etc etc.But I imagine that not everybody wants a game to be a super sailing sim, I guess, so it's OK.

  9. This game has some serious potential! The music and tavern at the beginning gave me heavy Oblivion vibes. The pirate RPG is a criminally under-utilized genre.

  10. Bro can’t wait Sea Dogs was a banger this will be lit as well

  11. I really hope there will be sth like the New horizons mod. I’m missing game like this with the possibility of Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman or Queen Anne’s revenge

  12. Best Beard, Best Games Best Shorts ……

  13. Sid Meier's or Sea of Thieves only ones I know that were any good. Maybe Assassins Creed Black Flag.

  14. this game has more then ubisofts skull & bones how do you Duck this up ubisoft

  15. This has the air of single player. Much like Banner Lord franchise. I would like to see multiplayer. Player vs Player, because lets face it. The computer AI is simply dumb.

  16. Gotta be doubtful about a game whose title isn't even spelled properly.

  17. Rrrrrrrrr…Capt Long beard here with a hearty love of sailing the pira-seas.

  18. Enemy tries to kick Raptor in the guts but the sound effects produced metal sounds instead 🤣 @17:46

  19. This reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean game that came out on the original Xbox. Fantastic and underrated game.

  20. i am waiting for the perfect pirate game. Hope this is it!!!

  21. At last a naval game with pirates that actually looks really promising. I hope it is fleshed out with all sorts such as economy and building and so on.

  22. For the people saying it looks like Sea Dogs/Pirates of the Caribbean: The team behind this game consists of former Akella Devs and SD-Modders.
    The goal is basically to create a modern version of these games (seperate from the "to each his own" team)

    As it stands RN: This is a tech-demo to showcase some of the mechanics of the end-product. An open-world (via worldmap ala Mount & Blade) and RPG systems like skills, quests, trading and other stuff (like being a privateer for a specific nation, ship customisation) are planed. This however is just something to showcase shipcombat and boarding. The way it is planned is that you will be able to loot ships (and take them under your command) and sell/trade most of its cargo in the colonies in the full release.

    For the game: the ship-combat looks good. You have to keep in mind however that this part is close to a naval-sim wich means it is pretty complex in terms of management (wind and the angle to it are the most important factors here, as in the gameplay: a schooner has a pretty radical angle to the wind, wich means you can have the optimal performance/speed at round about 90° to the wind (white W in the compass) while other ships, like the brig in the 2nd round do better at angles closer to the winds direction or something like a xebec or a caravel being able to move forward even when sailing almost against the wind. The animations seem pretty stiff still (but it's a tech-demo so…)
    However: Boadring/Fencing seems dumbed down from the old titels (where you had feints,AoE slashes, heavy/lightish/fast attacks and a whole lot of dodging options, the fencing was unbalanced however because you could staggerlock the AI by spaming thrust, wich made every boarding trivial tbh, I liked it though)

  23. @Raptor if u really want to be more familiar with this game u have to try Sea dogs: To each his own. With all DLC included. It has one of the best storyline and campaign [It's really long, months and months long campaign and u can even get Flying Dutchman if u dare to board him 🙂 ] ever and game mechanics are same like Corsairs legacy. It's cheap game and totaly worth all the money. I would like to watch u trying to be the most famous pirate ever and take all caribbean cities for yourself. In this game it's possible.

  24. Caint wait for this game brother stay safe and blessed

  25. Hope this has ships of the line, man o war and such

  26. Wait, you can't capture the enemy ships? I'm out.

  27. I hope the boarding is first person and your personal skill determines the outcome.

  28. Multi-billion dollar company cant make their AAAA Pirate game look this good

  29. @Raptor Sid Meier's Pirates, the DOS 1987 version. The limitations on the hardware at the time made the experience lonely, quiet, and THEN terrifying and hectic. Much like a 17th century Pirate's life. IMO.

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