tiny pirate ships pocket games wizkidsgames.com

tiny pirate ships
from cardboard cutouts

From Pocket Games at wizkidsgames.com

More examples at:


  1. Is there still anywhere you can buy these?

  2. Nice ships.
    How many do you have?
    I bought 74 off the internet for $60 =D

  3. 5 packs makes 10 ships.
    I discovered them at a gift shop
    brought out the kid in me.

    I eagerly made the video only to find others have made much better ones about these ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah I think I'll get the whole set one day.

  4. What ? Shutdown ? When ?

    I can't afford to buy the whole set yet !

  5. ouch. $1,500 is way too much to spend on this whole set. I definitely wont buy them all then.
    Not in this economy anyway.

  6. any one here have any 10 masts, i play this too.

  7. Would be nice if it was easier to find collectors of this game, so far I've only found 1 website for that. I've made 5 trades in a week though ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I've almost got the Celtic Fury, 10 masted Mercenary Junk Dories, and my friend has the Zeus

  9. my collection is pretty pathetic, i only have about 75. i hopt to double that though, soon. VERY SOON

  10. This game is dead. Haven't played for years, but it was fun while it lasted. The sea monsters and subs were the best part IMO.

  11. @flyingcloudkitty Care to give me the link for that? I recently found my collection of these, would be glad to give them to people who want them.

  12. I have at least sixtey and I was about to get the 10 mast Zeus until my brother threw away the reciept. D=

  13. its nice to see people still collect/play with these..
    I have around 90 ships, I still collect/trade them, although all mine are already built. I have never played with someone with their own collection, i just play with my friends and they use my ships since i have a lot..

    I mainly get the Pirates of the Revolution ones but i have a few of the others

    if anyone still gets them, do you mind telling me where you do? I have been wanting to get a lot more ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. @caljerpon3

    Sadly Wizkids went out of business and were bought out. the company said they'd dedicate themselves to recreating the lost games.

    sadly pirates wasnt included.. your gonna have to look on Ebay and on online stores. thier still relativly cheap for the more reacent expantions, about 3.75 ea on ebay.
    but you will FEAR my collection… 4 ten masted ships, Celtic Fury, Guichanx2, and the Zeus. with 200+ ships to back them up, from nearly every expantion…. (nerd gasm end, lol)

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