TOMY Pop-up Pirate Game Review

TOMY Pop-up Pirate Game

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Product Description by Amazon Seller:
Swashbucklers beware! If the pirate pops up, ye be out! Pop-Up Pirate is loaded with fun! Push the pirate into the barrel and take turns sliding your swords into the barrel slots. But beware – if the pirate pops up you’re out! This fun game will keep you guessing since the slot that will make the pirate pop changes every time you play. Pop Up Pirate is a barrel of fun for 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 4 years and up.
Pop Up Pirate! Promises hours of amusement. After all, who doesn’t like to see a pirate get shot out of a barrel? The game is simple. The unlucky pirate is pushed into the top of a brown plastic barrel, readying the spring mechanism for his eventual launch. Players then take turns pushing colorful plastic swords into holes on the side of the barrel, one by one until finally someone releases the spring and sends the poor little pirate on his way. Whoever makes the pirate pop loses, until the next round at any rate. The game includes a blue plastic base, a brown barrel (the sort that pirates would use for grog), and 24 plastic swords–six each of yellow, red, green, and blue. There are also lots of stickers of birds, smiling sharks, and even an ogling octopus, although they don’t stay stuck very well. The pirate himself has a big black mustache and wears an eye patch and a purple plastic scarf over his head. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind getting jounced around so much, since he also has a gigantic, if somewhat cautious, grin. –David Morel


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