Top 10 Games that Trolled the Cheaters & Pirates

Top 10 Games that Trolled the Cheaters & Pirates
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These are games found a way to catch, punish and otherwise totally troll people who tried to cheat or pirate their games – and it’s pretty hilarious. Some games add intentional glitches, other lock you in elevators, and others still put you in situations you can’t win – but if you’re trying to game the system here, the system games you! Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Ways that Games Have Gotten Back at Cheaters & Pirates!

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00:39 #10: Invincible Enemies – “Serious Sam 3: BFE”
01:35 #9: Close, But No Cigar – “Mirror’s Edge”
02:12 #8: Brutal Spitefullness – “Earthbound”
02:54 #7: Cheaters Purgatory – “Dark Souls 2”
03:44 #6: Halting Progress – “The Talos Principle”
04:36 #5: Lack of Abilities – “Batman: Arkham Asylum”
05:23 #4: Drunk Cameraman – “Grand Theft Auto IV”
06:10 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Faith: I should reconsider my action. This is a very big jump and I doubt I will be able to make it. There's is also a less risky route. I should stop-
    Body: Too late

  2. These anti piracy measures are just developers way of saying "give me your money and ill let you live"

  3. yes it is a serious crime to pirate video games. if you attempt to pirate conker's bad fur day, it will start sending death threats to you

  4. I had an idea to make a game that is only half made until you get a cracked copy
    Then the rest of it unlocks

    Dunno how I'd do it

    Just sounds fun

  5. some publishers deserves their games to be pirated

  6. Man i wish you included “unable to shade polygon normals”

  7. These days everybody gets punished whether you a pirate or not

  8. challenge to reach 100k subscribers with no video says:

    Hey mann what u want to say that these small issues in game codes are not corrected there are 1000 of solns available to fix it

  9. if people are smart enough to pirate games im pretty sure they are able to fix the game to where most of this does not happen at least on pc they probably can cuz its easy to mod pc games

  10. Serious sam fan: we cheating

    Me: doesnt cheating and be tryhard

  11. okay I get that piracy isn't good but COME ON NINTENDO! IF YOUR GONNA PUT THE PLAYERS THROUGH HARDER CHALLENGES THEN CAN YOU AT LEAST LET THEM WIN? (I accept the crash ending to earthbound as cannon)

  12. My pc full of pirated games every games working perfectly

  13. That urge to disagree is there cause you're an NPC says:

    Can you believe cheater try to cheat Gof by acting right around authority and attacking crack heads or gays. Anyone that can't be nice to everyone is trying to cheat God. That depression where no matter how hard you work after the act you're back at square one and have to do something more desperate and then you're back at square one and need your friend's help and then even if they do you're back at square one…yeah, figure it out. That applies to clinging to groups like freemason's and not doing everything on your own. If you can't earn it by yourself then you're not supposed to be doing it.

  14. That urge to disagree is there cause you're an NPC says:

    Some of those tactics used by video game developers to stop pirates are in the same light as God cursing toxic human beings who try to cover up an inability to mature past ego with a facade that ends up trying to hurt others to look good in comparison. God does that by having them observe how toxic they are through the universal law that allows the observer effect to work. They can only be wrong when their brain isn't observing it so God left an waster egg for those trying to cheat at like through the conscious causing them to drown in an avalanche of emotional insecurity and depression that they can neither understand or control. So it works like this, EVERY single action is 1. never enough and 2. puts them back at square one with 3. Even more problems when they were too dumb and weak to fix the problems they already had

  15. "The game's not broken, it's your moral code that's broken bro"

    Oh yeah, cause pirating a videogame made by a company worth billions is such a heinous crime. Shut up

  16. 5:11 It's not a bug in the game's code, it's a bug in your moral code.

  17. fun fact back in the days i pirated all of them and played them as usual. Its just how ypu pirate it

  18. Funny I had a dream that I was playing a pirated game without knowing it was pirated and then an anti-piracy screen came up

  19. That number 1 pick to developers: You Will Experience Our Pain, You Dirty Pirate

  20. Honestly I finish pirated copy of Earthbound with no problems.

  21. Red Alert 2 had a bit of a problem where it the anti-piracy feature. I bought the disk from best buy and it kept blowing up all my units immediately. I think I had to reinstall it like three times before it actually recognized it as a legit copy (either that or my dad went to the store and swapped it for another copy that actually worked. My memory is fuzzy on how we fixed it.) It was really annoying though because back then I didn't really know where to look for help and couldn't figure out what I did wrong.

  22. I love that Undertale is great at pointing out cheaters or pirates and then hacking

  23. This should be renamed to “top 10 games EVERYONE collectively hates.”

  24. damn this, i found where i can get the games without those things

  25. I pirated the Sims 4 and that didnt happen, i guess im fortunate
    Edit: i just realized i did the same comment like 3 years ago lol

  26. Forgotten Memories – The invincible Deer Ghost.

  27. Jokes on you I never get these pirate screens. But that cheat screen I got once.

  28. At #2, The Sims 4 was recently made free-to-play, so there should be no reason to pirate it anymore except maybe as a lark.

  29. The earthboun anti piracy demon in the background is now confirmed to be a-60

  30. Generals zero hour, your base explodes after a few minutes

  31. When I pirated gta 4 it was working normally

  32. What confuses me is, how do those copies even get made? Did developers actually spent money into making bad copies of the games? And how did those specific-build copies even end up as the standard you get when pirating something? I personally have never met one of these and that is definetely not because of a lack of pirating lol

  33. I remember in Red Alert 2 having all my units die when starting the game, yet it was a real copy, thankfully uninstalling and reinstalling fixed that. I still don't know why the anti piracy feature activated.

  34. Those games giving the middle finger to pirate bay

  35. Honerable mention fearful harmony, all pirated PS1 games

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