Top 10 NEW Medieval Games of 2022

Looking for swords, castles, and maybe even sorcery in your video games? We’ve got you covered with these medieval themed games on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X/S/One.
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Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : TBA 2022

9- Project Awakening

Platform : PS4 PS5

Release Date : TBA 2022

8-Crimson Desert

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : TBA 2022

7-Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA 2022

6-Manor Lords

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA

5-A Plague Tale: Requiem

Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S Switch

Release Date : TBA 2022

4-Diplomacy is Not an Option

Platform : PC

Release Date : 9 February 2022

3-Total War: Warhammer III

Platform : PC Linnux

Release Date : February 17, 2022


Platform : PC XSX|S

Release Date : TBA

1-Elden Ring

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date : February 25, 2022


V Rising

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA

The Iron Oath

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA

Babylon’s Fall

Platform : PC PS4 PS5

Release Date : March 3, 2022


Platform : PC PS5

Release Date : May 24, 2022

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S Xbox One Switch

Release Date : 2022

God of War Ragnarok

Platform : PS4 PS5

Release Date : 2022


  1. In a game that's about diseases, that bat monster in Thymesia reminded me of something.. Hmm..

  2. There's a difference between medieval and fantasy genre, but that's just me I guess.

  3. So the games I like are “dad games?” 👀

  4. I was attempting to click on this advertisement as I had already been thinking about looking at this institute. It tells me YouTube won't open this link. I have made a small video showing this if you'd like to see it. So you're basically paying them for half of your service.

  5. Blight: Survival for PC looks pretty cool too. Single player/4 player co-op 'souls-like' fighting game. No release date yet

  6. I'm gonna play the shit out of these games when they come out

  7. Looks like Crimson Desert gonna be so epic.

  8. I remember a game called Possession (u was a zombie in charge of hundreds of other zombies all at once) that was supposed to be on PS3, it blooming ended up being a Tech demo showing what could be eventually got the best out of the PS3 near its end of life, because the PS3 was so complicated figuring out how to create games on it as it used CELL I believe. In the end GOW Ascension was best it could get but was so glitchy I couldn't play after half an hour. So GOW 3 really was the game that got the most out of the PS3 by being playable & working.

  9. All rubbish.. need more like oblivion es4 and skyrin

  10. I got it and loved it but the bug at the final boss not talking damage sucks ass Elden ring

  11. I was wondering what happened to "Project Awakening". What happened to "Project Wight"?

  12. I would be surprised if Avowed released this year, we haven't really seen a whole lot about it which can be a good thing. Not knowing much about a game makes me more excited to play it. I need a game like it too hold me over until TES VI comes out in 2025 or 2026.

  13. Dude fuck sony and their constant exclusive games -Xbox fan

  14. I like it when a open world is detailed, but good god black desert is too much information to absorb. Hopefully crimson desert is more simplified

  15. Games with challenging bosses is cool, I don’t like when every NPC is challenging. Leveling up in many games lately feels broken and unbalanced

  16. Fromsoft also knows how to make ugly MC's.

  17. Really looking forward to Elden Ri… oh wait.

    NG+++ and still going stronk!

  18. i thought yay medieval… blabla fantasy come on kcd showed how its done. damn i hate fantasy real era mixes. fantasy or medieval, both together is meh. fantasy does nothing new but history has so much stuf to explore

  19. Am I the only one who doesn't get how fantasy games are medieval games both at the same time?

  20. crimson desert if its like black desert it will be amazin

  21. Thymesia it is like a Bloodborne set, with a Sekiro gameplay. What else?

  22. Very much looking forward to Alaloth: Champion of the four kingdoms

  23. God of war and Plague Tale are the best. I can't wait to play their sequels

  24. Action RPGs is what destroyed RPGs. And consoles really seem to love ACTION rpgs.

  25. Crimson ring NEEEEEEDS TO COME OUT ALREADY!!!!

  26. I really wish manorlords would get finished already. So excited to play it

  27. really didnt expect KoH made their 2nd one…
    its the same title of KoH right ?

    the 1st alrd been my fav,
    the lack is u can only have max 9 general/minister/hero,
    and only general hero can deploy troop…

    its really hard to control all Europe/map with just max 9 units,
    and if u fill all with general unit, u cant have cleric/merchant or spy…
    tricky indeed.

  28. the Elden Ring placement aged like the finest of wine earth ever had to offer

  29. Lots of games here have not come out and might not even come out this year, this list is so wrong

  30. knights of honor 2 nice joke it was originally announced for 2021 BEGIN of the year. then postponed to a later date and after that they simply removed the release date because they basicaly do nearly nothing on it how it seems. at least pretty lazy i mean wtf is taking so long the first knights of honor was pretty good . the only thing it was missing was a multiplayer . add that and some other things and its already done i duno why its not even some beta or early access thing >.>

  31. Poor other games got shadowed by elden ring, good thing they delayed them and ER been out early. I'm waiting for avowed rn, looks awsome

  32. Need some roman and greek open world games, like with real life looking graphics, maybe use engine 5, all these zombie, space, space monster, fantasty world shit, first person shooters, all done and re done over and over , w BADLYNeed some decent roman and greek games

  33. Bruh where is chilvary and mordau

  34. me watching this on a barely working pc : wow , cant wait to play those

  35. My favorite type of games tbh. Just give me history, fantasy, mythology..

  36. Bro Deplomacy in not an Option really takes me back to Stronghold Cruisader days wtf

  37. Thymesia looks ass they are using those same combat firework lighting effects that bethesda uses that kills all immersion no thanks

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