Top 10 Pirate Games – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at his top 10 games with a pirate theme!

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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't played any games in your/Tom's Top10 but I definetely want to try Forgotten Waters.

    My Pirate games ranked by scoring are:
    1. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shackles (play it with the story book available on BGG and you have an epic story, great hand management and loot system which reminds me on playing Diablo)
    2. Shiver me Timbers (Kickstarter, great material and a more euro-y sandbox playstyle)
    3. Tiny Epic Pirates (puzzely one-hour game, unfortunately less sandboxy than I would have wished)

  2. Tom needs to try out Shiver Me Timbers. I wonder if they were sent a copy at the Dice Tower. It is very Sid Meier's Pirates! Should be added to the Dice Tower library. 🙂

  3. That's a lot of games with apps. I didn't know pirate games were going digital. World of Yoho is kind of crazy. I'm still waiting for a true pirate sand box game. Until then I think libertalia is the best of the bunch.

  4. Dead Men Tell No Tells would be in my top 3

  5. Tom : where is Jamaica !? i mean the game, i have a vague idea where the island is located…

  6. I still really like Dead Man's Doubloons, super fun game 🙂

  7. Dead Men Tell No Tales would be high on my list. Have you tried Shiver Me Timbers? That would be my #1.

  8. new rulebook for sea of legends is in pdf form for download

  9. Dead men tell no tales is heavily underrated!! I believe it’s passed because it’s hard. It’s an amazing game

  10. I like Loot, the classic Kinizia semi-trick taking game. Have played it with a lot of people at once. It's pretty fun.

  11. Merchants and marauders, Jamaica, Francis Drake,pirates cove,dead mans dooblons

  12. I am waiting for a pie baking rodent themed game.

  13. Very surprised Jamaica did not make the top 10. Did it make your previous top 10 Pirates games?

  14. Plunder: Pirates Life. Classic gameplay feel. Absolutely fantastic for casual players. Merchants and Marauders is also brilliant for pirate fans wanting something deeper. Easily my two top picks!!

  15. The Pirates Flag is a fun roll and move with ridiculous card play that we like with the full player count. Tiny Epic Pirates has some cool elements to it, I like the rondel system.

  16. Noone knows it, everyone I played this with loved it, from casuals to more advanced players: die Meuterei from Cartagena. I guess it's been lost to time but there are still some copies around. Needs a bit if tweaking in the rules though to be less abuseable.

  17. Loot of Lima and Tortuga are my favorites!!! I think I would like Treasure Island or Forgotten Waters.

  18. My favorite is still, I believe, Merchants and Marauders, but Forgotten Waters is a hot contender.

  19. Great list. I'd like to see a companion list of maritime games excluding pirates.

  20. What about dead Reckoning?? I know it haven't gotten into stores but u guys already have the chance to play it.

  21. Jamaica often makes your lists of best “gateway” games, and I think for that reason alone it should be on this list, even if at number 10. In my family, we like three pirate games: Jamaica, Black Fleet and Dead Man’s Chest.

  22. For Sea of Legends: They have made an update to the app (and more comming) as well as a new version of the rulebook.

    I have the game but put off playing it because of the initial critique it got.

  23. Huge fan of Merchants and Marauders, especially with the expansion. Also like Jamaica and Tiny Epic Pirates.

  24. Hi Tom, I like your list but did you consider Pirates of the 7 seas?

  25. Where was Merchants & Marauders? Together with the Seas of Glory expansion it's a fantastic game!

  26. Yay for Libertalia & Treasure Island and YAY for Merchants & Marauders not on the list (why does it have so many fans? most of it is just brainlessly dice chunking)!!

  27. I realize this channel deals mainly with board/card/dice games, but my favorite pirate-themed one is "Blood and Swash". It's a set of skirmish rules using miniatures to simulate all of the fun pirate activities…raids, duels, tavern brawls…easily scaleable for multiple players.

  28. How on earth is merchants and marauders not on the list?

  29. No to a game that uses an app. Part of the fun in a board game is there are no computers, phones, or anything like it. I just want a board game.

  30. 1) Black Fleet 2) Pirates Cove
    (Others: Libertalia, 21 mutinees )

    Upgrading rules and/ or artwork of
    Blackbeard, Broadsides, Merch & Marau, Francis Drake, Letter of Marque

    Soon testing out: T. E. Pirates Deluxe, Winds of Plunder, Colonial, Extraord. Adv. Pirates, Mutiny, Sea Of Clouds.

  31. Merchants & Marauders, Tiny Epic Pirates, Tortuga, British vs Pirates, Rum & Bones, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Pirates Cove and Shiver me Timbers just to name a few. But Tom I always love to see your picks. You and my wife have the same taste.

  32. Yeah, BLACK FLEET!! I'm surprised to see My favourite game here 👌😎

  33. No merchant and marauders on the list or even mentioned?

  34. 1) Merchants & Marauders with the Expansion Seas of the Glory – 2) Forgotten Waters – 3) Maracaibo – 4) Cartagena – 5) Jamaica with The Crew Expansion – 6) Port Royal – 7) Dead Man's Draw – 08) Treasure Island – 9) Pirate's Cove – 10) A Tale of Pirates. Want to try Dead Man Doubloons and Rum & Bones!

  35. I’ve prepared myself for a lot of eye-rolling, but Munchkin Booty is one of the better Munchkin theme variations and my go-to when anyone new wants to give Munchkins a try.

  36. Don’t like that you need to use an app to play these board games .

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