Top 10 Pirate-Themed Games!

“For everything there is a season.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Great list! We recently picked up Feed the Kraken. Its a great pirate themed game, but requires a bigger group to play.

  2. Well good sir, I can see why you have a loyal crew of followers. You have a new fan.

  3. Great list and it was even more enjoyable to see a little bit more of your personality!!! I’m a huge fan of Dead Men Tell No Tales. If you have not played that one, I’d suggest giving it a try.

    God Bless!!

  4. whoa, dave landau cameo? did not expect that! I knew I subscribed for a reason haha

  5. Great list. Black Fleet is also a really good pirate game! 🙂

  6. I came for the games, and stayed for the eyepatch—it was a fun video! Thanks for the recommendations.

  7. I am thoroughly enjoying an excellent pirate-themed game called Captain's Log (a 2022 Kickstarter) which currently has a BGG rating of 8.3 and a weight of 4.21. It has a lot of historical authenticity and a high fun factor,— and I have 4 ships which I operate in my favourite format (i.e. multiplayer solo). It is a very lengthy game with both Standard and Expert rulebooks and a ton of quality components that add a lot of variability to the gameplay. I highly recommend this labor of love by a first time game designer.

  8. Go ahead and take that eyepatch off….you deserve it. Great video. Great insight into many games that I'd not heard of. Of course, I was hoping that Dead Reckoning would be #1. Love it.

  9. No love for Merchants & Marauders? : )

  10. I’ve played solo through both Maracaibo expansions, and I love it. I think that it’s better with humans, but it’s fantastic. I love all Pfister’s designs.

  11. Jack Sparrow fan. My list 🙂

    Merch&Marau should be the king. But needs serious rule development. WIP.

    Sea Rovers (has never come out/ Villain author/ too bad 🙂

    Captain's Log (overpriced/ bad-looking/ Merch&Marau spin-off)

    (Its rulebook will be used to rebuild M&M though)
    Dead Reckoning: incredibly overpriced/ merchants win-pirates enjoy game/ Merch&Marau knock off in its expansions.
    (Its rulebook will also be used to rebuild M&M though)

    Games like:

    – 21 Mutinies

    – Dead Man's Doubloons (Jamaica on steroids)

    – Tortuga 1667 (a good party game with min. 3 players)

    – M&M Broadsides (with rule-development)

    – Extrao. Adv: Pirates ( good no-three-big-things-in1time life-like lesson 🙂

    – Libertalia (1st Ed. kinda piratey trickster game 🙂

    – Letter or Marque (with rule-development)

    – Plunder: very good base of a big pirate game with rule development

    – Francis Drake (seabattle will be built in)

    – Dutch Golden Age (on the shelf, haven't tried yet)

    – Mutiny! (on the shelf, haven't tried yet)

    – Pirates Cove (got a complete graphics/ components redesign)

    – Blackbeard: Golden age of Piracy (HC)

    – Colonial (HC)

    – Winds of Plunder (HC)

    No.1: Black Fleet (The most fun 🙂 30% rule-developed/ graphics-redesigned. And 40+ additional development cards made.

    Hope it helps you, mateys 🙂

  12. Pretty cool list, definitely going to have to try at least 2 on here. Would of loved to see more boards in this style review. Surprised Plunder "A pirates tale" didn't make the list. Great 3-4 player game.

  13. Cool list. I personally have high hopes for Open Ports of the Caribbean. If they can turn it into a commercial product, it will kick every other Pirate game’s butt. Closest thing to Sid Meyer’s Pirates I’ve seen in a board game.

  14. If it had ever become more widely available/marketed, SHIVER ME TIMBERS would def be on any "Best Pirates" game.

  15. hate nthat Jamaica game, so disappointing👎🏽👎🏽🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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