Top 13 BEST Pirate Games To Play In Roblox β˜ πŸ‘

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  1. Pirate wars was my jam back when I played roblox also did they make a bigger ship my god

  2. a random guy with a green profile pic says:

    This guy gives me the 3 AM videos type of vibe

  3. why are most pirate games basically a one piece rip-off theres actually good pirate games that are no rip-offs of one piece like 'Winds Of Fortune'

  4. Why is most of them Anime’s like one peace we need pirate games not one peace games

  5. bruh they tell about really old and not fun game

  6. Heres another pvp awesome pirate game on roblox! Btw, Its really good. Its called 'Pirate Clash'

  7. Bruh, why did he only put anime games on the list halfway. Btw if you are looking for a good pirate game i recommend Battle Sails.

  8. Soon to be at the top of the list: THE WILD SEAS BY STARBOARD STUDIOSCOMING SOON

  9. bro thats just one piece games and those arent even meant to be pirate like without they are meant to be like one piece for example in what way does bloxfruit remind you of pirates besides of boats and crews. its a one piece fighing game not pirate game

  10. bruh why are there so many of these channels that just copy each others content

  11. Bruh when he mentioned raft pirates he didn't even show footage of raft pirates.

  12. I refuse to believe that the commentator's voice is real. Like it is so so annoying

  13. all of these game suck us aint playing anime games us are looking for game that are pirates and pvp and killing skelotons
    like sea of theivs some of them are about pirates but the rest are just anime but with pirate charecters us dont want boss battles
    us want thing that are like sea of theivs or close to it

  14. doesnt even mention the two best pirate/sailing games on roblox tradelands and the turbulent seas

  15. I didn’t sign up to listen to a boring essay

  16. definition of the pirate first definition a person who attacks and loots ships at sea 2nd definition a person who appropriates or reproduces the work of another for-profit without permission, usually in contravention of patent or copyright meaning almost all games u said does not match the basic definitions of a pirate so remake this dam list because if your gonna put something on a list then get it right. If the game does not center around the thievery of loot taken from cargo ships military ships and so forth then it is not a pirate game and it is also not a pirate game if it does not involve the copyright of another work for such is the second definition of a pirate. But if you people are referring to the 16th and 15th-century definition of a pirate then only include the games in which a crew of outlaws attack military and cargo ships basically what I'm saying is most of these games that you have said do not involved the destruction of government property and do not involved the thievery of cargo off merchant ships and cargo ships.

  17. bro wtf he called me a robloxian but thx for the list

  18. Why do you keep up with abunch of one piece, I want like Pirates of the caribean themed, not anime Themed

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