Top 20 Games That Trolled the Cheaters And Pirates

Some games are just made for cheating! Check out 8 Online Games With The Most Cheaters on MojoPlays!

These games give cheaters exactly what they deseve! For this list, we’ll be going over the video games that ruined the player’s experience by sabotaging the gameplay in order to punish those not playing by the rules. Our countdown includes An Honest Warning “Spyro: Year of the Dragon” (2000), Everything Explodes “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2” (2000), Threatening Your Save Files “Banjo-Kazooie” (1998), Lack of Abilities “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (2009), Drunken Cameraman “Grand Theft Auto IV” (2008) And more! Did YOU get trolled by any of these games? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. How about you make the next video about how some cheat mechanism activate falsely on real copies of the game.

  2. Also with Dark Souls, if you quit the game so many times after being invaded, you get blocked 🚫 meaning that you can't summon other players nor can they summon you. You get one chance to get it removed. If it happens again it becomes permanent.

  3. You can't spell "pirate" without the word "irate".

  4. None of these trolls are funny. The company behind CrossPlays should face consequences, since although they are trying to stop piracy, they fought a wrong with a wrong, aka malware.

  5. Call of Duty needs to pick up some of these tricks. God Mode and Invisibility needs to be punished.

  6. What happens if you want the Chicken ammo for a legit copy?

  7. 3:16 out of all the anti-piracy methods.

    That is by far the most embarrassing one.

  8. the funny thing is, the cheaters and hackers tried to complain about it, as if expecting some kind of sympathy or thnking they could trick the devs into helping them

  9. Okay, I kinda want that chicken gun from #3, but counting as regular ammunition. (Special ammunition would be Cuccos, of course

  10. 2:54 – That's the best one of this list by far.

    If that was the norm, privacy would have probably gone down several years ago.

  11. I remember Sttlers 3… You want to produce iron but all you get is pigs

  12. You wanna really troll a pirate? Disable their console for days or weeks at a time. Not just for the game they pirated, but completely frozen. But then you have to worry about murder and suicide rates rising.

  13. I want to hear first hand testimonies or videos on this elusive rage quit lobby for mvc3.

    It really does deserve its own video. Perhaps an m AGK sequel? Idk

  14. Southpark crackd but whole …there is a code to open the basement door in cartmans house (from the journal) if you dont check it (the journal)and enter the code cartman pops up and mocks you

  15. Dislsagreeing to protect your pride is a baby move says:

    Some of those tactics used by video game developers to stop pirates are in the same light as God cursing toxic human beings who try to cover up an inability to mature past ego with a facade that ends up trying to hurt others to look good in comparison. God does that by having them observe how toxic they are through the universal law that allows the observer effect to work. They can only be wrong when their brain isn't observing it so God left an waster egg for those trying to cheat at like through the conscious causing them to drown in an avalanche of emotional insecurity and depression that they can neither understand or control. So it works like this, EVERY single action is 1. never enough and 2. puts them back at square one with 3. Even more problems when they were too dumb and weak to fix the problems they already had

  16. Fight club for Xbox needs on this list…if you pirated a copy.. you would fight the bartender and his health would refill when you stopped a combo..also if you took one would be knocked out.

  17. Pirates deserve it the most – they take money outta the real companies and can bankrupt them.

    They can expect karma as not a mystical energy but as the ex-CEO banging on their mansions with a shovel and shotgun!!

    People get pretty crazy about messing with other people's lives .. extreme case but is possible
    (maybe his own violently-made game got to him or he's just pissed about job).

    I wouldn't condone but I wouldn't blame

  18. Oh great, now I am going to have the pirate song in my head for the rest of the day… 😆

  19. I know of one: Final Fantasy VIII for the original Playstation.

    HOW: In the late 90's, one of the most popular cheating devices for the PS1 and the N64 was the GameShark, and one of the most popular cheats was invincibility, and FF8 trolled invincibility cheaters to absolute perfection. The cheat worked…for 99.9 percent of the game, allowing players to march right through. THEN came the final boss; Ultimecia AKA "The Shark Killer." She embarrassed many cheaters by negating the gameshark, making the player play by the rules, and absolutely wrecking them.

  20. When the old devs cares about the community then Raven

  21. So many people pirated Game Dev Tycoon after buying it so they could challenge the "Pirate Mode" the developers actually made it a legit setting in the game there are even two achievements for Pirate Mode: Statistical Anomaly (make it to level 2) and Against All Odds (beat the game)

  22. number 13 was way too gentle with cheating geek trash

  23. I never encountered these antipiracy thing back when I pirate those games. 😅

  24. I'd like to imagine there were just one dude with trash wifi at 4:04

  25. People just don't know how to pirate properly, I have been pirating for 10+ years and never had a problem

  26. The real punishment in the Crisis one is what it does to your framerate. Firing a metric fuckton of chickens will tank your framerate due to the increase in what the game has to render.

  27. Puggsy was the first to make a demo of it's game lmao

  28. I like Cuphead's one the most
    if you Pirate Cuphead, the title theme is slowed down and reversed and the "song" is called "you paid the price"
    It doesn't do anything to your saves, it's just overall creepy

  29. Ninja Turles 3 on nes. If game was pirated game launched on increased difficulty and shreder boss was basicly invincible

  30. I had c&c pirated, didn't have that issue.

  31. fun fact: you can kill the drm scorpion in serious sam 3 via the kill all console command

  32. In GTA 4, what should you not do to avoid getting the drunk cameraman view?

  33. In The Sims 4, what needs to be done to avoid playing with pixelated graphics?

  34. chicken ammo seems to be a half punishment half reward to me

  35. I play Spyro: Reignited Trilogy and I was quite surprised when I saw the graphics of Year of The Dragon.

  36. I don’t understand why in banjo including ingame cheats and punishing you for using them

  37. 8:08 the Iron Knuckle is not hard. I'm not bragging, but I never had much trouble with it in Majora's Mask and Ocarina respectively… Since it ultimately comes down to patience and timing up until they hit 50% HP.

    At which point they're more of a nuisance, but at least they're not near impossible to damage like the process before 50% HP.

  38. 1:50.
    Ok, so are we NOT going to talk about how CREEPY this guys face is?

  39. Need a new version of this video… this was made before Camomo_10 was known to be the most epic Rust Admin in world history!

  40. I only remember a few of these Pirated Game Traps, especially Serious Sam 3 and Witcher 2, lol.

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