Tortuga – A Pirates Tale | Open-World Pirate Life Simulator with Crew Management & Detailed Ships

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  1. meh epic games then its a hard no for this then 🙁

  2. I adore pirate games but will wait for a Steam sale. Cannot stand Epic.

  3. I think its interesting they showcase a ship with the cross of the order of Christ which is the cross that Portuguese ships used on their sails yet there is no Portugal and Portugal was not in the caribeans so maybe they put it in because the ships look cool with that bright red cross

  4. What does Strongest Nation do in the Options? How does it affect gameplay?

  5. The best Piraten game imho was Sea Legends. Would love to play that again.

  6. The First Mate reminds me of Penultimo from the last couple of Tropico games (also by Kalypso)!!

  7. Another weak ass turn based sea fights right after miserable port royale 4. Why those games get into that direction after so big succes of first three port royales? Can't understad this fr…

  8. the legend of pirates online is a continuation of disney's pirates online

  9. I cant believe this game is based off of a nation in the stoneworks minecraft server

  10. I waited long…. ang game is boring, spend few hours… ale the time the same. Little clontrol on battle

  11. Is it anything like snes uncharted waters series. I want a game like that

  12. Is it only on Epic game store, not steam?

  13. why not real time battles …. and they choosed the turn based crap …. well this game already lost me

  14. the battle is a letdown . . . why just why , a pirate game is all about real time battles and strategies on the spot

  15. Back in the days I guess around 2009, there once existed “Age of Pirates” ,was a pretty nice game for that time back than. However a very hard game to get along with.

  16. @Raptoria You've probably heard of the game…not sure it'd make much use for content but don't forget about Port Royale. Really good simulator game where you can trade, but does also let you do piracy.

  17. Port Royale 2 still the best pirate of all time.

  18. the first game that got me into sailing sim like was uncharted waters: new horizons for the sega many years ago.

  19. The eyes patch were used to "save" one eye for the night vision actually, so that one eye were already adjusted with low light environments, that you didn't have to wait for half an eternity and then some for Both eyes to adjust to the lack of day light. 👍👍

  20. Cutthroats needs to be remade. Best pirate game there was.

  21. That pirate game for pc is now called the Legend of the pirates online

  22. Hope you do more on this game great video…

  23. So i like they animation of people on the boat, yet in combat these ships appear to be completely empty. Like there is nothing going on on the boat itself and that’s a shame. Correct me if im wrong but its what I noticed so far. So its a pirate game minus the pirates?

  24. Bethesda had a Pirate of the Caribbean game for the Original Xbox and is still my favorite pirate game. And Under the Jolly Roger is a good one to!

  25. The old Tortuga games you could physically control the ships and do battle, choosing to board not this turn based crap

  26. For the Disney game you mentioned look up a series called sea dogs. They relabled one of them to be the pirates game. They never made a next gen one though :(.

  27. Yes! Pirates of the Carribean Disney game was such a good game playing when I was a kid. I can't tell you how many hours I put into that game an how much I begged my parents for the monthly sub to play the galleons

  28. If i cant use a small sloop amd whittle someone down with my 2 cannons then i dont want it

  29. there were the Age of Pirates games. Of which the pirates of the caribbean (2006?) was one. They just rellabelled it and put the Black Pearl in it.
    There were more later (Age of Pirates1&2 and "Seadogs to each his own". The sea-part was actually very good. A bit like Black Flag but with real and different ships, real(ish) physics, ship and crew management. Like Pirates! but more complex and in 3d.
    Sadly the non-Sea part, like the on foot combat on ships and Islands was simplay abysmally bad! Yet they insisted of putting a extensive RPG land part at the begining. Which ruined these games. Some mods brought some improvements but it was always a very bad part.

    Also raw pirates diamond: vendetta, curse of raven's cry. Kind of Gothic/Risen RPG but with very extensive sea part. Far from perfect but vastly more playable and enjoyable than the other ones.

  30. Rapor, Im surprised you havent mentioned Port Royal 4, as this is probably the latest and best pirate simulation game.

  31. Im sort of Meh on it turning into Civilization when you fight. sort of takes the tactics out of it. It looks fantastic, but i dunno..

  32. You should play atlas. I would love to watch the full thing of your adventure there.

  33. you should check out Pirates of the Burning sea ! desperatley needs some community support

  34. the map look exactly like the old sid meier pirates game.

  35. Tortuga 1 had its own atmosphere, I don't see it here.

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