Tortuga – A Pirates Tale | Open-World Pirate Life Simulator with Crew Management & Detailed Ships

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  1. Ngl the best pirate game ive ever seen or played is a mobile one😂😂 the pirate carribean hunt

  2. Record a video, then write down an interesting text, then mount it so that you do not have to watch a static screen for several minutes.

  3. I'm reminded of that old game – Seadogs. With the gentlemen of fortune mod you had a pretty amazing game. A Ship of the Line – if you could find one AND your hand on it, could basically waste a whole fleet of merchantmen

  4. This looks like Sid Meier’s Pirates and Civilization together.

  5. I wanted to play corsairs again but the game was to old and not working on new systems. Corsairs compared to this new pirate games had an actual real-time combat mechanic and boarding…it's sad to see this type of games devolve.

  6. One of the worst pirate games I have ever played…that's saying much, since there aren't many.

  7. I was wondering if anyone would notice the Tropico feel, and glad you said it in the video! Huge Tropico fan, saw the Kalypso tag on the game plus pirates and new it would be good. Kalypso bought out Tropico series, this map art and generation looks like it was developed on the same software, but above all else, don’t forget Tropico 2 was pirate themed! This is a reboot of Tropico 2 and I can’t be convinced otherwise

  8. i didn't know that kalypso was having that gem. just bought it as a big fan of port royale.

  9. Hi from UK. This game looks great. Thx for the video

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