Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale REVIEW

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale REVIEW

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  1. I'm just upset that they changed the game to a turn based fighting game. The old Tortuga game did not have this.. and im surprised they decided to go for that.

  2. Finally an actual review, weird we havenโ€™t gotten much word on this. Thanks!

  3. Red Banana! it's def an interesting looking game.

  4. Sounds like my bottle of rum, I'll absolutely have to have a go, cheers for the detailed review.

  5. I've hoped that after not great reviews of Port Royale 4 Kalypso would ditch this turn based combat, but they decided to just tweak it. I guess I should give up on hope of Kalypso bringing back Port Royale 2 style naval battles.

  6. Don't miss the Red Banana!! Reminds me so much of Sid Meier's Pirates!

  7. Yet another remake of Sid's Pirates and the original Tortuga. . . . .

  8. Ships have captains and crew?! That alone makes it more authentic than 90% of the naval games out there LOL.

  9. This game is garbage. I love pirate games so I got it and tried it to find there nothing in it.

  10. Looks like a Pirate Ship version of Mount and Blade/Battle Brothers/Wartales. It works with controller and is on GeForce Now so I can hit it up on the couch. I'm not sold yet, but I'll keep an eye out. THanks for the review, great job!

  11. Thanks for the red banana! I was on the fence about this, but this convinced me to pick it up.

  12. It's from the same people that made the Port Royale games which were trading/economy + ship battles. Good games, the turn base type of combat made it's first appearance in P.R. 4

    P.R. 3 and earlier combat was a "free" style combat.

  13. The reason why this is missing the attention is because a lot of people are not a fan of turn-based and strategic games. For me, it is the winning feature. I will wait for this to release on the Switch. It's not going to be available anytime soon, though.

  14. Red Banana ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

  15. But. Can you still just win all your combats through selection of "likeliest" choice in a Boarding combat and then reselling the captured ships for dozens of thousands of Gold

  16. Sid Meier's pirates is still the TRUE superior pirates game and I stand by that

  17. We haven't had a good pirate game in over a decade.

  18. I was playing Empire of Sin and this looks like the same style, with a different perspective… Let's try!

  19. This is essentially a clone of an older game called Windward.

  20. Will there be a version for Steam instead of Epic store?

  21. Microid's Corsair needs to be remade, for me it's the best pirates game

  22. Once you said turned based I was like, "not for me"

  23. This game was fun at first, but then I hate the repeating process where you have to keep raid a ships to pay your crews. It felt like a job instead of playing lol. They should implemented tax on your town or tax on a trade route your control, so that way you don't have to keep raiding convoy ships to make ducats.

  24. This is just port royal 4 with a new name lol same Devs and all

  25. Really looking for a modern sid meiers pirates. This looks close and better in some ways. just wish the combat was real time.

  26. Shame we can't actually UPGRADE a ship.
    Want to change equipment between your ships instead of sailing around to get to the respective ports and having to buy the item once again at full price?
    Sorry no can do!
    Got all top of the line stuff for your current ship from 4 different ports and now captured a more superior vessel with dual cannon ports and just want to equip the current stuff on to the new ship? Well eat sh[[t because it is not possible.

    Such good potential is just wasted by these niggly shenanigans.

  27. Looks like they just took it all from port royale every bit of it

  28. I like both Tortuga and Sid Meier's Pirates! so I am excited about this one. Thanks.

  29. The game is absolutely lovely and a great title however nobody seems to mention in reviews that the text is very small and hard to make out and as of the last time I played the game there wasn't a setting anywhere to increase text size of font anywhere.. so you're constantly squinting to see information and unless you're on a huge screen you will probably be finding difficulties as I have.. aside from the text being tiny as hell though the game is a very good game!! think Mount & Blade as a Turn Based Strategy but when in real time on the overhead map it's very similar to that game.

  30. Better review than others i have seen but hardly any criticism? Hrmmmm :/

  31. โ€œOnly ship to ship combatโ€

    Seriously how hard is it to have a game that handles the four theaters of pirate combat?

    Ship combat (Cannon)
    Boarding (pistol)
    Individual combat (sword)
    Land battles (musket)

    Only Sid Myers pirates? And people wonder why that remains the superior pirate game?

    Half the appeal of this era is the different theaters of combat. But it ALSO had stealth, trading, exploring and dancing. (I liked the dancing sue me)

    Also this game fails to take advantage of the most interesting constraint of the era: slow reload times.

    In tactics games the well designed ones give you lots of other/better options than just โ€œattack every turnโ€ but that can sometimes be hard to design. The age of sail does that for you with all these limitations on fire rate. A broadside should take ages to set up as it requires a ton of time to reload every canon given not every crew will be as efficient.

    But no this game just has the boring โ€œattack every turnโ€

    Ughโ€ฆ how hard is it to make a proper pirate game? All the tools are there but people just make modern games and give them a pirate paint job

  32. I will say this. When I saw the game I got very interested. Right until I saw its turn based strategy combat. Just my opinion. That form of combat doesn't mesh well with the idea of being a pirate on the open seas. You really want things to be active and engaging and tense. A bit chaotic. A bit worrysome.

    To me that system just slows things down makes combat a slog and far less appealing. Especially when the rest of the time appears to be real time. Just feels like a misstep to me. I am sure others might enjoy that its just not for me.

  33. Huh. So Gaming Minds took their Port Royale 4 stripped it from the trade mechanics added more detailed combat and we got a new game. Because it looks 90% the same as Port Royale 4 including combat. Even engine and graphics are exactly the same. ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. This game suuuucks. Its very boring, barely explains how to do anything. Its very random, and very annoying. Just don't unless you just love the paper side of D&D without the excitement of an actual story line.

  35. Looks like Port Royale 4 pirates version

  36. Great review, thanks! Just picked it up on sale at Epic Games. Fun game, totally worth the money. As many here have stated, I too am a Sid Meier's Pirates fan and love the real-time combat, but as a fan of Civ V and X-Com, the turn-based stuff is great! Cheers and happy plundering!! ๐Ÿ’œ

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