Tortuga – Open World Sandbox Piracy Strategy RPG

Tortuga gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Tortuga and check out a game where you’ll assemble a crew, head a fleet, and sink enemies and steal their valuables.
*Key provided by developers*
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  1. Definitely takes a lot of assets from Port Royale 4 but I loved that game, nice to see a more RPG twist of it

  2. its vie-count … I'm guessing you've heard it more often than you thought ..

  3. Actually, the 2 flags is historical. It was what legally distinguished a privateer from a pirate. The privateer would carry a legitimate Marque from a nation's soveriegn. And were thus legally entitled to hunt all ships of enemy combatants.

    A pirate flew a False flag. Against the Articles of War. So their "normal" flag was their merchant identification. A ruse. The black flag was the symbol they were a pirate. And it was an intimidation tactic.

    This is similar to how Norse could venture as legitimate traders. Or as "going Viking." Entirely different sets of adventures.

  4. I played this for a couple hours last night. Actually, 5 hours.
    I cant tell if these are bugs, or if I am just missing something.
    There doesn't seem to be a way to build buildings on your pirate bases, despite having the materials and funds.
    I also cannot find additional captains (besides Seamus, the first one) and I have about 2/3 of the map explored; the British pissed at me.
    I'm currently toting around 8 ships 6 of which are just for loot storage.

  5. I think this game is mostly a follow up to "Cutthroats", seems to have a lot of similarities

  6. Every time I see a game about sailing I wish I could relieve the huge ammount of fun when I was a teen playing Uncharted Waters: New Horizons in the SNES.

  7. Some one just needs to take the original Pirates game from the 80's simply add a more complex market/trading system with a bit more to the ships combat. It doesnt even need that much!!!! Really all the work would come in by making it different enough so you wouldn't get sued. I am not a fan of the combat in this one, and it is stupid simple. Looks like a loser to me.

  8. Nuevas Filipinas seems to be a territory and not a city. My guess is, stopping in Corpus Christi probably would of finished the mission.

  9. Noice! I like pretty much everything about this, feature rich, atmospheric (though some shanties would indeed be great), the combat, exploration and emergent gameplay/story. Recently played a bit more AC: Black Flag but so many aspects there are underdeveloped or pointless.

  10. the stupidity of these developers, lets have an open world game, the ship will navigate a 3d world by wasd. good
    lets make the battles turn based boring rinse repeat cause no one likes pirate battles, /facepalm
    did you learn nothing from the disaster by the devs of Port Royale.
    Hard pass, sry

  11. he drinks his body weight in koolaid with everclear in it

  12. Was that a little Dynamite Hack I heard abouts 27mins?

  13. Don't worry about the ghosting, I'm used to being ghosted my guy

  14. Steam : Not available yet / no link … guess i won't play it then, shame, looks interesting.

  15. Very cool mix of two of favorite series. Port Royal 3 & 4 and Tropico 5 & 6. Hope for a Switch release down the line. Supported Kalypso games last ten years, for the great games can sink easily many hours and different play throughs into. Thanks for the video!

  16. Without real boarding and mechanics about it,its hard pass.

  17. Dude, do you not have a creator code for Epic?

  18. Won't buy it until it's no longer exclusive. Shame, game looks worth the money.

  19. Would like to see if bow and stern rakes did additional damage.

  20. I love how Florida is the most recognizable and large mainstay on the map. Would have preferred the game to have a fantasy setting, but a Florida dominated world isn't too bad either.

  21. i just want a 2023 version of the original Seadogs. Or ideally an open world "Elite"" pirate rpg game where you can build up your own fleet, swordfighting, romance options, buying and upgrading ships and weapons, costumes etc land battles, treasure hunts, option to enlist in one of the naval powers instead of being a pirate etc There have been so many pirate games and still waiting 🙁

  22. Shame this is only on Epic so far, definitely have my eye on it and look forward to it coming to Steam.

  23. I guess we all have a pirate game that we know and love. Mine was Cutthroats: terror on the high seas. What made it so great was that you could also land your crew on land and pillage a port. I have yet to see another game use this mechanic at all or as effectively as cutthroats, Unfortunately cutthroats has a pretty big problem with it's cannon firing mechanic and it being from the 90s.

  24. I've always heard viscount pronounced with a long I sound, like eye, and a silent S.

  25. I can see why the devs had no faith in their game and took the Epic deal. Looks like garbage.

  26. A indie game that has exclusivity over on epic? Wow, and all my interest in supporting these developers have been lost

  27. Is that Michael Hogan doing voice over?

    Sounds like Pirate Captain Saul Tigh…

  28. i remember playing a game like this back on addicting games/ miniclip or armor games. i always forget which site but the game was you had a ship and you could go to different shores and find towns to trade with. it was broken because you could just buy a certain item and sail and sell it at a certain town to make a bunch of money. you also had hidden treasure maps but i could never find the treasure. there were several ships that you could buy aswell and some were stronger for ship battles. man i miss all those free games, idk why but they seemed to be so much more than they actually are. i replayed age of war recently and it is like a 10 minute game, i remember playing it as a kid and it seemed like it was so much with the way you could ascend into a new age.

  29. I would buy this game if they hadn't sold out to Epic (Chinese communist shills)

  30. It's actually sorta a pretty game, everything looks bright and detailed for the most part…I like the idea of a pirate RPG but I wonder how in depth that will be, and the battles(which only seem ok so far). I guess what would be a selling point for me is potential narrative?

  31. I wish it had the sid meier's combat system, honestly just sid meier's pirates but with way more stuff going on would be so fun, seems like it'll never happen though.

  32. I'm a huge fan of Sid Meier's pirates from 1987, and 2004, so was super exited when I heard of this game literally just five minutes ago. I immediately began looking for videos on YouTube, and just happened to click on this one first, but less than one minute in knew it wasn't for me the instant you said "turn based battles". I feel absolutely gutted.

  33. I don't understand why there are no good piracy games set in the age of sail, when Assassin's Creed Black Flag pretty well pioneered the way these games should work. The RPG elements here certainly gives things an interesting spin, but this is definitely going onto my "games to watch" list.

  34. doesnt come up when I search on steam odd

  35. sid meier pirates from 20 years ago more fun than this game , it's 2023 just give us some action outside of boring turn based combat. They could have make small gun/sword combat at boardings. Im not against turn base combat i loved xcom and divinity but this game feels boring not enough combat depth. Also balancing is horrible on late game it's downgrade to sid.

  36. This game ALMOST tops Sid Meier's Pirtes! (SMP). But not quite.
    The battle on board was boring, SMP had better (fencing against the captain). But I wish there was actual Bannerlord-like crew combat on board.
    Where are the pretty governor's daughters? Pirate Age is romantic, getting the prettiest gov's daughter was an important goal in SMP.
    The tactical combat didn't seem too fun. SMP's ship combat was pretty good.
    Can you even go to shore, with your crew? Or alone?

  37. Most accurate description of Jack Daniels ever.

  38. wow, they're running out of everything here…

    says the guy who just raided several of their supply convoys.

  39. The "s" is silent for viscount in English too.

  40. i just wish this game had more involved combat instead of turn based

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