Tortuga – Open World Sandbox Piracy Strategy RPG

Tortuga gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Tortuga and check out a game where you’ll assemble a crew, head a fleet, and sink enemies and steal their valuables.
*Key provided by developers*
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  1. Reminds me of Sid Meier's Pirates

  2. I was hoping this would be a modernised age of sail game with real time combat. Not a fan of turn based combat. Every time I see "strategy" in the title it puts me off.

  3. Hopefully just a timed exclusive, will check this out if it ever makes its way to steam. Open world pirate games are something that are rarely made and those are rarely well done.

  4. I could HEAR you happily saving the title of this on over and over the second I read the game's name. You do love that word, I've noticed over the years! haha. Odd name for a Pirate game though, calling it Tortoise.

  5. I prefer the original Sid Meier's Pirates.
    I always started with chain shot to destroy their sales or demast them to slow them down, then i would use grape shot to kill a load of the crew before boarding.

  6. Epic equals pass to me, still watched your video since you are so entertaining ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I'll be back to watch this review in a year when it releases.

  8. I like the idea of turn based naval battle. Game looks pretty nice.

  9. Pass. Sorry Splatt. Love ya man. Hard pass though for anything epic.

  10. Yeah….game looks interesting, too bad that it is tangled up with that atrocity that is Epic games. -_-; Oh well, will check it out if it ever makes its way to other outlets for purchase.

  11. Splattercat: talks about having experienced considerable ghosting in this game
    Me: "Well, maybe you should've picked a more attractive avatar. Looks do play a big part in first impressions." pauses to think for a second "Ah, you're probably not talking about that kind of ghosting." ๐Ÿ˜…

  12. Brooo, there was an old flash game called Tortuga at one point I think. And the mechanics of the game seems to be the same one like this. Bruhh. I played the hell out of that one when I was young. This is bringing back memories. Can't wait for Steam to acquire this hopefully.

  13. It is a shame that the store of epic is such a bad place. It awefully slow and unresponsive. They are smart people so I would say fix that. Opening up steam and boom you see your library. Opening up Epic Lib and you can pour yourself another drink. Honestly i do not understand why their store is so slow and more so why they don't fix this. The user experience is just bad. For me a reason to steer clear. From a dev perspective I can really relate to going to epic. Tax on releasing there is far lower plus if you get lucky you get sponsored. So in that regard I understand some devs. 5% vs 30% you do the easy math.

  14. Only problem I've heard coming from this game so far is the text on console at least is too small.

  15. Valheim has better water effects, this game looks like you're sailing on Jello. Cosby Jello.

  16. OMG NEW TORTUGA!??? Oh and it's on epic? How immersive, I'm going to be a pirate even before I load the game.

  17. This game reminds me of Sid Meier's Pirates! but with some newer well polished graphics and UI and the much more interesting combat system. I really do love those kinds of games tho, this looks very promising!

  18. weve never actually gotten a really good pirate game yet. Sea of thieves is about the closest but its just not quite that open world rpg feeling that would be amazing. Like we need a pirate game where we start on a little rowboat and do missions and rob people up until we can upgrade our ships and own a small fleet. This needs to be done. Weve had enough survival, battle royals, space, and zombie themed games.

  19. I don't support exclusive releases. Too bad but this is a hard pass for me just for that fact.

  20. Hooooly crap, Splat throwing back hard with those song snippets

  21. Dammit Steam don't let china's Epic store keep kidnapping games for a year ๐Ÿ’ฉ

  22. "This game releases on Epic"… lol well… I'll come back in a year then.

  23. You should definitely review "sailing era", an amazing game that no one is talking about….

  24. The biggest reason why I won't touch this is the epic games lawsuit. They were taking advantage of children and stealing money left and right. What an evil company.

  25. 34:35 Viscount is pronounced "Vye-Count", that's 'dye' with a V

  26. An easy option to import portraits would be appreciated.

    This should be gold standard by now.

  27. It's never too early fer Grog., and I swear I had this game years ago.

  28. I continue to dislike "exclusives" in the PC Marketplace. Sigh.

  29. so first they ruined Port Royale… and now the are going to make a whole game around that shitty combat….

    its gonna be shit again

  30. So…modern politics is inspired on piracy.

  31. Pronouncing Viscount: vai-kownt. Basically, the 's' is silent.

  32. Nuevas Filipinas or New Philippines was a Spanish territory that was west of Louisiana. So Galveston, Corpus Christi and all should of been in the territory of Nuevas Filipinas. The flags flown were confusing as we can see they were not of Spain for that area.

    Quick edit. This is one of those if memory serves me correctly. Which is a great possibility memory hasn't served me well and I am just another ahole talking sh1t.

  33. I was so disappointed when this turned out to be turn based…

  34. As always an informative and awesome review, this game looks very promising

  35. the world needs a new Sid Meier's pirates

  36. I feel that promising 48 ducats per sailor and the capturing a ship go well together as boasts; selling a captured ship seems to bring in a ton of money, and you have a chance of losing some of your sailors (thus lowering the payment threshold) in the process. Win-win.

  37. Bah, only on epic huh? Well guess I'll wait for it to come on stream and by then hopefully it has a bit more polish.

  38. Poop, hopefully it will be released on Steam someday. I'd have bought it today. I just don't have any interest in setting up multiple game distributor accounts, whether it makes sense in the greater economy or not. I understand why devs release elsewhere, and if the market eventually changes enough that I'm forced to do multiple services to play games, I will, but honestly, not until I'm forced.

  39. Why do some of these pirate game ships work more like jet skis?

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