Tortuga – Open World Sandbox Piracy Strategy RPG

Tortuga gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Tortuga and check out a game where you’ll assemble a crew, head a fleet, and sink enemies and steal their valuables.
*Key provided by developers*
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  1. although it has balancing issues this game is better as a strategy game than SMP.

  2. Weird you would need to bribe anyone you plunder with rum. Most pirates were either forced men or volenteered hoping to retire early with a better life. Other than that some interesting mechanics here. Cannons were also consitered to be "guns" in the 18th century.

  3. That "real nasty sandbar" is Padre Island, Texas.

  4. I find it shocking how there just isn't any good pirate games these days. I got excited a few weeks ago when I saw a game called Caribbean Legend release but it seems like it's just a straight rerelease of a 2006 game or, at least that's how it seems. Would kill for a new good fun pirate game with ship battles, boarding and all that jazz.

  5. Why does this game such negative reviews? It's a good game wtf

  6. this is probably better than skull and bones will be

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