Ubisoft Wants You to Pirate Their Games

Ubisoft is once again showing how little they care about their customers by removing purchased SINGLE PLAYER DLC from peoples’ games and delisting games that are SINGLE PLAYER. Is this the digital future of video games we have to look forward to?

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  1. Fanta, this is exactly why I have completely abandoned all console game systems since PS 3.

  2. I'm not mad at Ubisoft they have given me great games throughout the years.

  3. This is why I am such a fan of piracy. Don't get me wrong, I believe you should pay for your games, but in this day and age if you were going to be playing a single player game, you should strongly consider buying it and then downloading the pirated version instead of the official version. That way you can guarantee your game will work offline and cannot just be taken away from you whenever the developers want to stop supporting it.

    I also think games with a multiplayer component have at least an ethical obligation (if there's still a player base) to switch their system over to either peer to peer or user-run servers, so that people can continue to enjoy the game and the developer no longer has to be involved by providing anything.

    Also, seed you fools!

  4. At least they are embracing piracy with skull and bones.

  5. I only consider piracy wrong is if its a modern game that is directly purchasable at shelf price from official sources.

    Games that are no longer for sale by official means. Free plunder

  6. It's pronounced "yoo-bee-soft" not "oo-bee-soft".

  7. When a developer won't/can't keep up the multi-player servers any more they should just release the server software for users to make private servers like in the 90s

  8. no. it wants you to stop using their games. buying, getting, playing, whatever

  9. If you read the fine print in Terms and Conditions;

    when buying a video game, it says something along the lines of, "you are not paying for the game, your paying for the right to play the game." Meaning you don't own the game/content, you're only borrowing it.

    Edit: yea I'm that guy who reads the Terms and Conditions for fun.

  10. I'm just glad there are platforms like GOG, Where it's DRM free, This should be our digital future! 🙂

  11. the only reason I no longer purchase physical copies of games nowadays is because when I put the disc in I still have to download the game so it seems pointless to me. I've seen this coming for years and it's only going to get worse, Cod mw2 2022 is going to set the new norm with games being priced at $70 instead of $60, these companies will continue to sell unfinished buggy products with little to no intention on fixing them and people will continue to buy them myself included because for all of us this is a hobby and for some of us a lifestyle. Ourselves as the consumers are the only ones who can change anything, and no protests or petitions and all that crap won't work. The only sure fire way to get these big greedy corps to listen to us is to not buy their shit.

  12. That is exactly why people should stop supporting these game streaming services. Just like DLC was the catalyst for microtransactions. Game streaming is the catalyst for streaming only consoles. I know right now it all seems reasonable, but once they get enough people used to streaming their games, they're going to rip the rug out under us and it's going to be streaming only and all those free and discounted games are going to go away. And on top of that when a game is ripped from the platform, no one will be able to stream it, even if they paid for it. Know what you're supporting before you pay into it.

  13. If only Ubisoft make Siege VR. I would love them again

  14. I mean its not like they're worth buying in the first place…

  15. Half of these games have remasters so they're forcing you to buy those

  16. They shut down other devs using (((((( ))))))))) Tactics …. creating monopolies

  17. I’ve been pirating their games for years anyway so nothing really changes for me!😎

  18. not me installing my assassins creed library to unlock the uplay stuff to hopefully have them later

  19. 💯 Fanta, these companies like Microsoft and Sony and others need to figure out this Digital rights world, I love Digital, all my Xbox and PS5 games are digital plus I have game pass, but I'm not stupid. I'll be pissed if I lose any of my games from any company. You buy a game. You need to have access to it, this includes movies too

  20. where i live (south africa) it's kinda difficult to get physical games, so most of my games on my ps4 are digital, even though i like physical games more. even ordering games online doesn't do it 'cause we don't have services like amazon so shipping takes really long sometimes up to 6 months just to get 1 game or however many. game shops are also really rare. yeah you can get big titles like gta or assassin's creed, but that's where it stops, it's just the big titles that are easy to come by, making it difficult to discover new ones. i wish i had more physical games, but digital is just the way to go if you want a reliable, steady stream of games coming in.

  21. Don't use piratebay. It is considered an untrusted site. -_-

  22. (You may want to stay away from TPB in specific, it's a wild west and there be dragons; I recommend searching for "piracy megathread" and going from there.)

  23. Most game disks only got like 1gig lol

  24. I wouldn't care if I had to pay for 4 discs just to literally own all of the game including patches and DLC. Physical > Digital.

  25. This doesn't have to do with the classic games being screwed with but my brother in christ, ubisoft as a company is a bitch, legit are now not putting their modern games on Steam, instead limiting them to Epic Games and Ubisoft Store, which in it of itself both of those launchers are trash compared to Steam, then both companies being a storefront that 1. Is less popular than Steam, and does not have gift cards, brother in christ there is probably a good audience of people they lose by signing with Epic, for the people not willing to use Epic or Ubisoft or not able to use credit card. (this is old news but angers me)

  26. We were warmed about ‘Games as a service’ for years, and the games industry had successfully normalized it.

    Until we push back for call of game industry reform like – consumer protection and worker rights we can look forward to a future of

    – NFT
    – Crypto gaming – Paid to play (it’s actually bullshit)
    – metaverse – virtual economy controlled by corporations

    All become normalized.

  27. Start buying hard drives and making local backups of one’s digital content.

  28. Is there any way to buy these games again after that time or it's just the time to pirate it ?

  29. Other companies might do the same who knows

  30. In situations like this I am glad for pirates, and for people who preserve the original games with dlcs

  31. I love how you make fun of their games by calling them names like 'cookie cutter', 'knife-guy or gun-guy maiden' then are are you crying if they're gone? Why are you crying if a gun-guy mainden clone is missing from your library ? Before you say "beCause I oWn iT BroOOOO", if their games are as bad as you say they are then why did you even buy them ????????

  32. Geez and here i was excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2. 👎🏿👎🏿

  33. I guess it is back to piracy for Ubisoft game, as it is the only way to experience these games in all their glory.

  34. The war for physical has started with the advent of the 9th gen consoles. And we are losing badly.

  35. damn i only bought R6S for Ubisoft game but the rest are just free stuffs like ac unity ac2 ac iv ac 3

  36. the only way to truly own software is to pirate them

  37. You know who cares less then Ubisoft?
    The casual gamer….

    I'm waiting for the 2nd major video games crash but it wont happen thanks to all the brainless zombies society has pumped out over the last 2 generations.

  38. I wonder if this is a steam problem? Cause on PSN you can download most Assassins Creed games 🎉. I'm wondering if they did this for there upcoming Skull and Bones witch I've seen a review on it, It's a Assassin's Creed Online game too a T.

  39. do you know what is the good part is very likely the community to create the own servers for this if you didn't know in old consoles like wii the are way to make a community servers that run for funs that cares and want to have access for those stuff and do you know and the created thos server only off the kindest off the heart

    in most cases all those servers and services rivers it is completely free for everyone not only that ther is some funs that meke new game for abandoned console for the company or even create new services that is not existing before that make clear for how mach the players cares to keep those games alive and how little the companys cares abut it

    in fact one the game i try to create right now i want to be multiplayer fps and i want to have the optio to online, local multiplayer and lan game ther reason i want to that for my game is

    1. with having lan game the people to play when the have the same network even if don't have internet access also if do that even if the server terns down in the future people i will still able to playing the game with custom servers (community servers)
    2. with having local multiplayer people that heaving one computer and multiple controllers i will be able to play the game up to 4 players in fact i will get even better because i have plan to add this system to work the lan and online as well if manged with computer i will able to play up to 8 players
    3. i thing the reason i want to add online it is obvious but the problem is that if want to add online in game i wil have to pay for server

    but to be honest all that is what i want to achieve i haven't created the multiplayer system for my game wet in fact i don't know how the 2 off the lan and online multiplayer so the only multiplayer system i know how to make is the local

  40. there planing a sub service like game pass

  41. You keep saying "all digital future", well old man, the future is here. It's quite some time actually from when this was common knowledge. You don't own any game you pay for, you only pay for the right to play it. I's old news. Just check Steam's conditions. Everyone has the same approach, just that it wasn't as obvious because the situations where there were issues were very rare and people didn't quite felt the drawbacks of this type of approach. So i guess that Ubisoft is just putting to practice something they had made public for a very long time. Sure that some of those conditions you must accept when downloading a game otherwise you can't play are not following the laws or rules of some countries or areas. But here too, there are not many that could or would consistently check everything with a fine comb and report it and the governmental institutions have the capacity to follow all leads very quickly, it takes time. Time that these companies exploit to pretty much be unreasonable bullies because it's more convenient or it makes them more money.

  42. This is simply not true its about ulc not dlc ulc is unlockable content so its the uplay/ubisoft connect content so you will not shit you paid for

  43. And they have the nerve to still charge people for the DLCs too. Their greed knows no bounds.

  44. BUT YOU CAN PLAY HALO 2 or HALO 3 online in mcc

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