Ubisoft Wants You to Pirate Their Games

Ubisoft is once again showing how little they care about their customers by removing purchased SINGLE PLAYER DLC from peoples’ games and delisting games that are SINGLE PLAYER. Is this the digital future of video games we have to look forward to?

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  1. Thanks for liking the video and subscribing! These companies NEED to hear that we are NOT happy with how they treat their customers.

  2. Last game I bought from those bastards was unity, I been pretty comfortable playing their garbage for free and even then I felt scammed while playing Odyssey lmaooo their recent games suck anyways and only good for the visuals


  4. Is there even other ways to access these dlc and games safe way instead of priatebay cuz it seem untrustworthy to use and risk of viruses

  5. Finally someone is actually seeing this Digital scams…. Yeah, gaming is shifting alright, shifting to fuck the consumer EVEN more

  6. Nintendo switch Assassin Creed games their is no online servers anymore its just a single player experience

  7. 0:00 the way he scoots forward like a disappointed parent LMAO

  8. Panicked for a second then saw it was for PC..😅 Then I remembered I have a physical copy of AC 3/Liberation bundle on ps4. physical media to the rescue once again.🙏👌
    Yeah physical media is basically a permanent license and requires a patch. But thats just it. I will always have that and they can never take that way from me. Digital not so much.

    So far Nintendo are the only ones who still value physical media and when u buy a cartridge, the whole game is on it and playable from day 1 and always. But with the way things are going, Im pretty sure Nintendo will eventually also pull the same shit sony and Microsoft are doing ..😩😒

  9. This is what many feared would happen. Yet, gamers are not being heard enough about what we want with gaming.

  10. Piracy the new way to Play games this coming future in a digital world. Physical games are better something is better than nothing. It doesn't take that much effort to change out a disc

  11. Oil companies will soon be more well liked than video game publishers at the rate things are going.

  12. I think soon we wont be able to out right by games anymore. Its just to be services when you download them or stream them. So when the games disappear we dont own them. Just going to be gaming services i think. No more buying games.

  13. These are great points, though even a lot of physical games nowadays rely on launch patches, also. But either way, some regulator needs to step in and say something like "you must preserve your games, and accessible content (multiplayer aside)."

  14. I agree on almost every point. I am worried about the all digital future and the shitty microtransaction stuff. That said, are the sales numbers not validating these publishers tactics? If a shit game like Diablo Immortal is making a million a day, doesn’t that kinda say people DO want that shit? They pay for it. These companies make millions upon millions. No wonder they don’t listen to people like us. The small vocal few.

  15. not yet. here's the ironic thing. I am looking right at their ubisoft connect app and they don't announce there that any of THEIR games are going to be affected through their Ubisoft connect launcher. especially liberation remastered HD as part of their assassins creed history game pack. or any other their DLC too. just on steam,it seems. they have pulled this crap before with watch dogs:legion not being on steam. and many game companies do this too. they don't want you to pirate their games,just run them through their launchers.

  16. im glad i rarely give a shit about ubishit last game i bought from them was in 2020 starlink battle for atlus that was it im never buying their shit ever again

  17. Next they take away your car
    "We canceled this model, you have to buy the newest model"

  18. From an achievement hunter perspective there are a lot of achievements that will now be unable to be completed across those various games because of the multiplayer shutdowns. It'll now be impossible to get the full 100% in these games going forward. So lame!

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