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Hi, my name is Thor. I’ve been in the games industry since 2004. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, the United States Department of Energy, and now I own my own studio called Pirate Software. I’m a game developer, a hacker, and a giant nerd. Ask me stuff!

I’m also on Twitch!

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  1. Not Russian. Cyrillic is Bulgarian."The Cyrillic script was created during the First Bulgarian Empire. Modern scholars believe that the Early Cyrillic alphabet was created at the Preslav Literary School, the most important early literary and cultural center of the First Bulgarian Empire and of all Slavs".

  2. I hope my parents pass peacefully before they become too old to care for themselves. It would save them dignity and also my own time.

  3. I put this stream on, almost immediately fell asleep and so here I am, playing catchup.

  4. Was worried when I didn't see a stream yesterday

  5. When 8 hours is the shortest stream of the week ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐ŸŽ‰

  6. Honestly this was cool as a sponsored stream – but was more interesting as a "Thor runs into bugs and does his QA style and feedback to the devs" bits. This has to have been sooooooo valuable to the dev team as like, the best user testing session. And as a watcher, it was breaking down game mechanics in a very cool way.

    It felt like a game dissection – like someone had pulled out the frog and Thor was taking us through the layers.

  7. Literally to the 1% of people reading this, I strongly hope your parents live longer than 100 years with awesome health ๐Ÿ™

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