Video Game Piracy Is Good, Actually

I don’t think video game piracy is as bad as people say, and I made a video essay to prove it. Relive the glory days of arcade gaming with Play Zero Wing on best sega genesis emulator pc. This classic shoot ’em up game features stunning graphics, intense action, and a memorable soundtrack. Start playing and experience the excitement of Play Zero Wing for yourself.

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Article about why anti-piracy ads don’t work ➜
Reddit thread about Warez scene and EMPRESS ➜
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0:00 What Piracy Is(n’t)
6:59 The Warez Scene
10:11 DRM & Denuvo
15:42 Effect On Sales
19:37 The Business Response
24:54 Emulation & Preservation
29:17 Conclusion


  1. I agree with you, and think you're right. 😉

  2. Only way to stop piracy from what I can see is to stream all games from servers. That means they should invest in having lots of severs around the world to handle the latency and such. Or maybe an always online for it to even work since nowadays everyone should have internet by now.

  3. Agree💯 Not only that but I've often argued hard for the fact that even in Economics: from a certain standpoint, digital media is a public good. In economics when the cost of reproducing a good goes to zero: and there's also no way to prevent anyone from doing it… In economics that's called a "public good". The fact that those conditions exist and yet companies seem to think they can claim exclusivity over a digital good, is insane.

  4. Absolutely agree with all you had to say man, im glad you made this video the end cracked me up xD

  5. Love the video, would be interested in a video talking about the history to the warez groups. Would be an interesting topic.

  6. While I don't disagree with the points you make in the video, the thing that sucks is that people get used to thinking pirating isn't that bad, so they start believing it's always ok.

    And then they start pirating from small indy devs.

    I'm a big follower of the AVN scene (shut up) and it's commonplace for the games to be free, but released early to paying supporters, usually via patreon.
    But any time there's a new release, the very same day it drops for patrons you can find the game leaked in pirate forums.

    Sure, it might bring more traffic to the dev and eventually lead to sales like you exemplified with Neil Gaiman, but I don't know if that's always the case and small devs may not always get to wait for that to happen.

  7. piracy is the only way many games are preserved.

  8. I agree with you 100%. In fact, I'm gonna pirate this video in solidarity.

  9. Piracy of video games is not just good. Piracy of video games is now necessary.

  10. The swedish SID Metal band Machinae Supremacy became famous because they are pirate advocates (on top of being gamers and american haters). Their Lead even did a TED talk about piracy. I highly recommend watching that.

  11. One thing I do is find bootleg audiobooks. If I like the book, I buy a physical copy and end up buying the entire series.

  12. "These crackers… wait, can I say that word?" We actually prefer the term Saltines-American.

  13. 90% of the time I agree with piracy, but there are a few cases in the indie scene that aren't great. Recently, the developer of Bzzzt on Steam (ko.dll) got a huge sale loss when his game came out because of piracy sites. When a company can only really benefit from piracy, it can be nice. When it's a single guy who just launched his first game on Steam? Not so much, sadly.

  14. For me piracy is something like getting a demo version of a video game. When new game comes out I wait for cracked version, play it a bunch and if I like it I go ahead and buy the game, if I dont, well, thats it then, I saved 60 dollars

  15. I pirated Skyrim.
    The reason why I pirated Skyrim was because I had the official copy of Skyrim.
    Why couldn't I play it? I didn't have an Internet connection.
    Meaning I couldn't get a Steam Account.
    I couldn't launch the game without Steam.
    I therefore could only play the cracked version of the game.

  16. the only reason i got into a bunch of games is because i used to have pirated copies of them, buying them once i had the money to actually buy them

  17. I guess my comment got deleted but i agree with your video, small correction though. Piracy is not illegal or a crime here in the US. ONLY distribution is. So anyone who downloads said 💀 copy will be fine. Only the websites and people hosting the downloads or sharing them can get in trouble

  18. Pirates that can buy games would, at least i belive so.
    Those games that aren't bought, it's most likely because they weren't good enough.
    A pirate that could buy a game but didn't, most likely took that decision because they didn't like the game.
    Ths is not a fact, this is a belief. Exceptions always exist.

  19. I mean personally I've both bought games I've pirated and pirated games I've bought. Simply because of wanting to play them on different hardware.

  20. 14:50 To anyone wondering who this guys is. This is Tim Cain, The Co-Creator of the FALLOUT franchise.

  21. I like to think of game piracy as the modern demo. If I enjoy the game I'll buy it for a value appropriate cost even if I've already beat it. I'm not going to spend $70 on basically a beta version of a game that I end up hating and then not be able to refund it because I missed the refund window (2 hours of gameplay or 14 days after purchase).

    Also I'm sure the Crytek situation definitely had nothing to do with how mid their other games were compared to the OG "but can it run" game.

  22. I think we can all agree that its chill to pirate COD BO1 … mfs still want 60$ xD

  23. Hey, I played Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me HARDER during my pre-adult adolescence (and the original), and in spite of all the tongue-in-cheek dialog both were actually really fun games.

  24. this is clearly a honeypot video, nice try fb-guy joe

  25. I pirated allot of games to test them before buying. If the game was good, i bought it. If not i stopped playing it anyway and didn't spent money.
    Or it is a Ubisoft game, those get always pirated! Fuck the Guillemot family.

  26. The only reason Crysis was pirated so much was for the benchmarking of hardware. Old-school overclocking of GPUs back during the "can it run Crysis" era couldn't deal with the DRM that was imposed on the legit version of the game, so they exclusively used pirated copies, and likely accounted for dozens more installations each due to reinstalls for borking the OS.

  27. Even if piracy was theft (it isn't), people should always see stealing from a billionaire as morally correct.

  28. I can say with 100% certainty, that I have never owned a $2,000 anything, let alone a gaming PC & I have never been able to afford a $60 video game, nor could my parents most of the time. Being able to enjoy the game or not will never affect whether those of us stuck in abject poverty would buy any $60+ games. Same with movies & CDs most of the time. Being disabled & stuck with zero transportation, I could not see new movies at all without pirates, and would be left behind even further socially if I can't even take part in the fandom of any of the media IPs I'm into…

  29. Once, I had to download a crack to get my legally owned Mass Effect 2 to run. Aren't DRMs fun.

  30. The cracker joke at the beginning made several non-joke uses hilarious later in the video. "The crackers themselves have had some pretty big ups and downs the past few years" had me lose it.

  31. People promote pirating and then wonder why we keep getting the same crap year after year

  32. The mobile release of GTA San Andreas (not definitely shit edition) used a community made tool called SAAT (San Andreas Audio tool) to convert audio files of the game from the pc/console releases to mobile, that tool had code contributions from the same people who were su'ed by Take Two over re3 and reVC.

  33. Game developers who worked in AAA studios complained that people playing pirated versions of games they made ruin their income is so funny to me. Because they should complain instead to the company they work for. Consumers don't have any impact on your income at all if your salary is decided by your company's management.

    Unless you're an indie developer, then yeah that's a valid complaint.

  34. Man, this made me miss the golden days of The Pirate Bay. Being a broke high school student with a crappy computer trying to play some old Nintendo and Playstation games and movies I couldn't buy. Good times.

  35. The stuff about Nintendo getting rid of their 3DS estore really just actually pisses me off. Because I want to buy the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series that were re-released on the 3DS (some of them of course). But I can't do that now because the store is shut down. Okay, that's annoying, but I can at least buy them from Ebay! Nope. Only two of the AA games are physical in the west and both series can now run for up to the same price of a brand new Switch game. So fuck me I guess.

  36. there is a russian game that can't be cracked because i releases a virus your pc if you try it

  37. It’s pretty naive to say that most or all people would purchase a game when they have the option to pirate a game. There are definitely people who pirate games that would’ve bought those games had piracy not been an option. Piracy is sometimes necessary but only when a company decides to stop selling their game or the necessary hardware. I also think it’s fair to say that piracy may at times improve sales for some things but owners should still have the right to protect their copyright.

    I understand that some people legitimately do not have the money to buy games especially those in poorer countries but those of us who have the means to buy these games should do so legitimately. Even if the game is from “big evil company” those companies have hard working artists and developers who could lose their jobs if games don’t meet financial expectations. I’m not saying piracy is the most likely cause for a company to lose profits but I would hate to find out someone lost their job because too many people pirated a game who could’ve bought it.

    Again piracy can be great for things like retro games cause some companies (Nintendo) refuse to make their retro library easily accessible. And Nintendo doesn’t even see a single dime if you buy a retro game secondhand. However, modern releases should be supported if the content is good. And if the content isn’t good then why waste your time pirating it anyway?

    Anyway please support good games cause I want those games to succeed and for companies to make more good games.

  38. Meh I don’t mind buying the things I want. I do feel if a piece of software isn’t for purchase legitimately than copyright shouldn’t apply in many cases.

  39. All digital future & streaming WILL combat piracy.

  40. My favorite fact about piracy of music is that the music industry won. They no longer has a problem with piracy because their streaming solution was an acceptable and easier to use alternative to pirating.
    Movie and videogames on the other hand have tried to have a much more proprietary solution – which isn't particularly consumer friendly.

  41. Its basically like those that likes apple products bc of how safe it is

    Yea its safe by not allowing everything

  42. Considering that you don't own the games that you pay for anymore on PC unless you have a disk drive and a rare physical copy of a game (user agreements on pretty much every digital store says that your account and purchased content can be taken away from you), piracy isn't stealing in my eyes because you don't own it either way.

  43. I do believe the Super Mario Bros. version that you get on Switch Nintento Online has been proven to be an "illegal" ROM, and NOT actually something Nintendo made…

    Honestly. These companies should just embrace emulation. Stop wasting time on making their own emulators, and instead work with the community to set up something like Spotify for older consoles. The Emulation market is doing a whole ton of amazing work with ROMS anyways. From fan translations, to quality of life improvements of old games etc.
    Yes, it means Nintendon't needs to relinquish some control over their IP. But hey, Zelda Link to the Past randomizers are popular and fun, why not make a buck on it being distributed through a subscription service on legal Emulators? Instead of wasting money on DMCA claims and shit?

  44. Game has denuvo? Pirate it. Game has no DRM? Buy it if you can.

  45. The real pirates are the people faking their location to buy games for cheaper, eventually causing prices to rise in places that need the discount due to exchange rates.

  46. it's sort of depressing, in the sense that paying for the real product will get you worse service.
    but it also points to something amazing. digital things are VERY cheap to reproduce, and our societies have spent a LOT on making the reproduction of those things easier and cheaper. it's actually quite cool. digital stuff eliminates a whole class of scarcity, and big companies are having to bend over backwards three times to try to put the genie back in the bottle. and they're failing at it.

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