We learn how to be Pirates at PIRATES ADVENTURE!

They’re gonna do what we call in the industry ‘the bloody stain on the street’

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water slide, Hammock, and pool water from Stevia Sphere ► Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Intro and additional music by Harry Foster




Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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  1. Me earlier: Haha pirates this'll be fun and silly

    Me now: Oh no everyone is sexy

  2. "To get on our ship you've gotta look like us….No, not you Ethan, you can just…be you."

  3. "I need an adult" says the adult man who's probably the oldest person on the set, definitely of the people in costume.

  4. The way they had to edit the swordfight scene to make it look they did it with any kind of grace is funny

  5. "what do we sign so we cannot sue them"

  6. Wow, never thought I'd see pirate Arin and Dan swordfighting for everyone to see. Thought that was too spicy for YouTube LMAO

  7. This was such a good episode 😂 they were such good sports 😂

  8. I'm ace but purple pirate is doing something for me

  9. The gender envy that Saxon (the purple pirate) imparts on me is indescribeable

  10. it might be the weed but i really really loved this video

  11. i love how the dude looked at ethan with the most serious face and said "you wanna jump on this thing?", like he stated it more than he formed it like a question and ethan answered so quick "so badly".

    huge respect to him, it shows he knows how to read his audience well.

  12. What is the song called at the start of the power hours 0:24

  13. I can't explain how great they look on this video…

  14. I loved how Dan a 43 year old screamed I need an adult.


  16. That reminded me of my childhood when I was in an after school gymnastics kids activity club. That was fun af, we leapt off of trampolins, onto matresses, swang rope, very fun stuff. Doin this as an adult seems fun af too, I really should go do bouldering or to one of those ninja warrior course thingies again, climbinb, jumpin n shit is just fun af.

  17. I love this place. So glad to see you guys have fun here

  18. The part at 14:07 ish when the purple pirate almost hits the blue pirate while swinging over the boats and me ducks and just yells “joe!!” just kills me🤣

  19. i think im addicted to this specific tmph

  20. Wow thats really REALLY out of my comfort zone, good job Arin and Dan

  21. All of them are so hot! Love me a pirate!

  22. I love that the pirates are absolutely having just as much fun as the bois are

  23. If someone told me to go fuck myself while doing a backflip. I would certainly obey.

  24. I have a friend that works at Pirate Adventure, he got me and some friends a free show to watch one time, and I got so hyped when I learned that Dan & Arin went to Pirates, but then I realized they went to the one in California and not in Florida. I was all like "woah! i was there!" but then it dawns on me that theres just 2. Damn.

  25. This is the gayest iv'e ever seen these two sweet boys

  26. This is honestly my favourite episode of power hour, I've watched it so may time 😂 can't wait to see more like this in season 3

  27. The Blue Pirate is the responsible, charming one. The Purple Pirate is chaotic and bubbly, the Green Pirate is wild and coach-like. Very alluring, they know how to perform.

  28. i love that they let ethan get involved, this is right up his alley

  29. This is the most a grumps episode has made me grin with joy

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