Well known roblox vore game , lord of the pirate games has been privated

Which this disgusting vore rp game got banned on roblox but this is still something to celebrate about.

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  1. Dodorex Gaming [HalloweenπŸ‘‘ Gamer] says:

    NO NO NOT DELETE NOOOO HE DELETE LORD OF PIRATE GAMES NOOO HE ONE DO 2!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO Fuck now i,m one play NOW me and Bartu but Bartu eat me 😞

  2. i’m not into this, but damn you seem obsessed with rhese

  3. Can you not fuck with lotpg they don't have fucking creepy and betrayal history unlike bitchass nomgame

  4. Man, you're dont respect nobody

  5. I mean more teens are on roblox so yea roblox is a kids site but honestly we all are growing up with roblox and when you do your player base gets older and to top it off we have new age restrictions which is very fine it keeps kids away from games like these so teens who don't prefer to download a sketchy game go to roblox for it even though it's pretty underwhelming

  6. πŸ§Šπ”π§π€π§π¨π°π§πŒπ³πŸ” says:

    FINALLY! That game was disgusting as hell, glad I don't need to see that sh*t anymore πŸ’€

  7. Eh seen it coming when the other nom games went down lol

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