What Happened to This Incredible Pirate Game?! – Sea of Thieves

What Happened to This Incredible Pirate Game?! – Sea of Thieves
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  1. What do you mean the game is still growing

  2. Damn didn’t keep going?? Sad. Well thanks for this one video on it. Miss the old sea of thieves videos

  3. Man i started playing again, I am so hooked on this game right now

  4. Don't even try to start playing this game… The learning curve is insane.

  5. This game is best played in a binge with your friends then stop playing for a few months and then binge again

  6. SoT is made for trolls, and griefing is encouraged. Users asked for private servers and devs say "no". Users leave because they hate being camped and griefed, and while actual players numbers decrease, the trolls remain so new users get a super toxic experience and the trolls just say "ItS nOt SeA oF fRiEnDs".

  7. Sea of thives is by far one of the most anoying but brilliant games ever made I've been playing since the open beta and taken a few brakes but it is so good

  8. Nothing happened to sea of thieves, it still has a massive playerbase

  9. It’s trash now the developers do t listen to what we want or need like bugs need patching

  10. Pc players ruined the game for me, its hard to play vs pc players when ur on xbox

  11. Still a great game but the community sadly lost interest

  12. Was fun till I noticed this is the start of the Frames Per Second wars.

  13. OMG I LOVE THIS GAME do another video baron it is amazing

  14. the sad thing is it isn't on ps4. And don't start with all the Microsoft owns it

  15. What do you mean what happened to it? It has gotten better

  16. They should add more ship types too for player selection, well they shouldbe balanced in a way that every single ship can fight all of the ships, they should give all kinds of stuff to different ships, for example there should be 5 Classes,

    Fast Ships,
    (Fastest on Sea, But Mediocre Weapons and Handling)

    Maneuverable ships,
    (Bad Weaponry but okay speed and easy to maneuver, Anchor, repair etc.)

    Heavy ship class,
    (Bad handling and Speed but Great HP and High fire power)

    All Around Ships,
    (Balanced overall stats but nothing special, (the original ships which are in game))

    And Special Ship class.
    (Ships with special traits, like for example one ship has a flamethrower weapon, some ship is the fastest player acquired ship etc.)

    And some Boss Ships like the
    Flying Dutchman,
    Silent Mary,
    Queen Anne's Revenge,
    Black Pearl etc.

  17. Just wait till they find out about the tdm community -_-

  18. I played this game everyone is still playing it on 2020

  19. All who find me are welcome and given bananas

  20. To me it's not good the only thing that's good is uniqueness the gameplay to me and in general kinda crappy tbh just sayin

  21. when you tossed water onto the skellie ship, that was an effective attack, skeleton ships can repair damage but not bail. so they cannot get rid of the water you bailed into their ship.

  22. lmao, shoots the peace ball, then immediately breaks peace pact by shooting them again

  23. Maybe by the time this comes to Playstation (should that ever happen), I can experience all this hype for myself.

  24. Reminds me of albion, except better play, and graphics

  25. Its not the games' fault most of the time, why many new release are slowly losing community life and eventualy dying. Its because of the SO MANY VIDEO GAMES IN THE MARKET which is flooding the people's choices.

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