What really happens when you PIRATE a Game

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  1. Finally the legend is back….. I've been waiting for this moment…..

  2. I started watching u and Leo at somewhat same time. But u have improved ur animation by a large number.

  3. The history part of your video is the same as my friend's phone history 😜

  4. 2:40 funniest part of the whole video and it seems to me that you have started watching anime btw awesome video as always 🀩

  5. Dont pirated game my warning
    I priratted gta san andrees then my mobile got virus then i dellete anyway i success ti dellete virus
    But not connect to internet and sim bloceked resson cracked game i thorow the sim
    The mobile is not connect net
    But any way i have secend phone my comment is from secend phone
    And frist phone i craked gta san andrees
    ⚠ warning
    Nevet cracked game its destroy your pc phone

  6. dang bro why you need to always delete browsing history?!??! CAN'T YOU JUST USE GUEST MODE SO WHEN YOU CLOSE BROWSER EVERYTHING IS BEING WIPED OUT LIKE MY FATHER

  7. the waffle house has found it’s new host

  8. Hi love ur content keep up the great work

  9. the waffle house has found its new host

  10. My pc is 7 years old but it’s so fast still

  11. Maximum Fitness Addicted πŸ’ͺ🏻 says:

    Heyyy Ayus make videos like old videos that you made for fun,little bit of gaming and a lot of jokes.Your audience is decreasing that's the reason. I hope you take it seriously, that's the reason that other animatars are viral than you

  12. Why is nobody talking about him using a Windows 95 PC?

  13. I know some Pirate websites which don't steal your data or contain viruses 😁

  14. Only true gamers know how to dowload pirate games without virus

  15. Atarisoft (Blocked) (Booted out) (muted) says:

    Chrome Use A Entire 1GB Ram

  16. Atarisoft (Blocked) (Booted out) (muted) says:

    Im smarter than u

  17. Only got to use San andreas or older (gta iii-VC)

  18. Using Win 95 and struggling for gta 6 LmaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Many people in Sri Lanka pay for pirated games without realizing it!


  21. His dad must be so lucky to have a wife like that.

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