When you have a modded Nintendo Switch…. and can play any games you want! #shorts


  1. Hey is that all the games lol seems kinda low

  2. Nintendo: We gonna ban this guy on nintendo

  3. Say is there a similiar thing to hshop from the 3ds?

  4. I have a few switches and should mod one just for playing single-player games.

  5. This video inspired me to mod my Nintendo switch

  6. Mine looks like that anyway. I can’t believe I fell for digital sales again. And from Nintendo for gods sake… I give it six months till the shut down the store and take away all my games.

    Edit: Actually, now that I look, I have way more games than that.

  7. So the library has no cost for the games when it’s modded?
    Or you download via CPU

  8. Online suxx anyways so no need to care about it

  9. When you are a thief and don't want to pay for the things you want to have!

  10. Quick question once you mod a switch and had eshop games installed on the SD card that was formatted can you reinstall those games from the eshop onto the modded SD?

  11. Does it have Mario party 7? That game isn’t on the EShop😢

  12. All fun and games until nintendo comes in and takes down his family with the ninjas

  13. The Nintendo ninjas after seeing this video: Well well well.

  14. In steam deck you dont even have to get mods to play every game you want

  15. wow so many games 🎉 . what's the price for jailbroken oled version.

  16. Aren’t most of these capped at 30fps?

  17. So what program do you use to put games into the switch? All i know that theres the MIG switch i dont really understand what it is, and theres the tinfoil app but i heard its malware.

  18. I’m not a fan of pirating indie games, but pirating Nintendo games is valid bc fuck Nintendo.

  19. I’ll do it whenever the next console releases

  20. But can u play online is the real question 😅

  21. How do GameCube games run on CFW? Been thinking of doing this due to a lack of GC ports

  22. Can I use my phone to download switch roms to upload on the switch or can we only use pc?

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