Where Are All The Pirate Games?

I go on a quest to discover where all the sailor games went… because apparently there aren’t that many. BUT WHY????? Well that’s what I intend to find out


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  1. What’s your theory in why there aren’t as many pirate games?👇🏻

  2. How dare you not represent the one and only true to life pirate game, MONKEY ISLAND!!! 😡🤬🤬😡

  3. The amount of effort put into this vid is crazy

  4. Great video, but wished you included monkey island.

  5. "Why Aren’t There More Pirate Games?"
    You either want Multiplayer or single player. Nobody is really happy.

  6. Honestly I think Sea of Thieves isn't wholly meant to be a pirate game, but more like a co-op sandbox to hang out with friends which just happens to be in a pirate setting. It has little story/plot, with the main focus of the game being just having fun with your friends or by yourself doing random pirate-y things. I feel like people come into Sea of Thieves expecting some sort of massive MMORPG pirate game with a thrilling storyline and get disappointed, when, in reality, Sea of Thieves isn't even trying to be that sort of game.

  7. This video is extremely underrated and I was shocked when I figured it didnt have 300k views.

  8. There is a pirate game on VR called sail that maybe you could take a look at

  9. I used to play Pirates of The Caribbean Online back in like 2010 on my moms Toshiba Laptop as a kid…. Always will be one of my favorite games

  10. Imo, Sea of Thieves and Black flag are like, the only GOOD pirate games. Just like how there's no good "ninja games" besides like, Ghost of Tsushima. to my knowledge

  11. There aren’t more pirate games because even if you have a decade of development. It’s hard to hold a torch, to the Sea of Thieves.

  12. We need PvP exploration pirate game in a slight modern aspect

  13. Check out Rise of Piracy, it's a new Pirate game that's likely coming out this year.

    It seems to take bits and pieces from Mount & Blade and Ultimate Admiral, which is a good thing imo.

  14. I am in the same boat. I have loved pirates since I was little and was suprised that there are so little pirate games. I play and love Sea of Thieves, but I wish there was more variety to the genre. Great video, I think I will subscribe.

  15. Why the hell is the Twelfth Doctor's rock theme from Series 9 of Doctor Who playing at 1:29

  16. Sea of thieves is still one of my most played games, I remember playing at launch, and I think it is the definitive pirate game, for me Black Flag is boring and doesn’t capture the pirate fantasy like Sea of thieves does with its story and characters, when I think pirates I don’t want generic realistic pirates, I’m thinking of a world like pirates of the Caribbean with skeletons, sea monsters, cursed treasures, ancient magical artifacts, Sea of thieves captures this so well that when they did the pirates of the Caribbean crossover Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones felt like they belonged the same with the Monkey island characters in the game

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