White Sox vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/8/23) | MLB Highlights

White Sox vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/8/23, presented by Adobe

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  1. CHW get the W. Can they make things even more interesting in the AL Central with MIN, CLE and possibly KC? We'll see as time goes on. Congrats on the win CHW 👍.

  2. everyone's rooting for the pirates to be a decent little team

  3. Here's hoping the pitching staff has shook off this weird funk. Go Sox!

  4. Let’s hope the offense can do this everyday or the defense gets better cuz man this isn’t gonna cut against good teams. Think the pirates are a sleeper team but still

  5. a furry convention must be happening in pittsburgh right now. cutch is too hot

  6. The Chicago White Sox are 4-5⚫️⚪️🧦

  7. Gotta root for the pirates this year, rly fun team

  8. Why did it take so long to upload the video?

  9. Sox are really good at breaking streaks that for sure

  10. Good god every single game is so refreshing to watch after those TLR years. Can not recall a single memorable game from last season which is never the case for me

  11. Chicago White Sox wins the first game of the series over Brian Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  12. Yoan moncada and luis Robert two snicht

  13. LaDante LaMichael LaTyrone The Wakandan KANG says:


  14. Sox offense is on 🔥 now if the starting pitchers get out of their funk we gonna be in 1st place by the end of April.

  15. I can’t believe that the Pirates are the only team since 2020 to have not won 5 games in a row. Even Oakland has done that.

  16. The Bucs will win around 75 games this season,unfortunately. Next year however,is when they will start contending and every team in the NL should watch out.

  17. Cutch is just a professional ball player man still got it ❤

  18. Here We Go with the rollercoaster season!

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