White Sox vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/9/23) | MLB Highlights

White Sox vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/9/23, presented by Adobe

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  1. Can someone explain to me the player on the grass rule?

  2. Законопослушный водитель says:

    Скучная игра

  3. lol first two games was like a combined 40 runs or something like that… and this game, 1 run xD

  4. Pirates pitching looks good. Oviedo had a great game

  5. Literally last game I said he’s gotta be more careful but my god he’s a reckless runner.. get well soon Cruz

  6. btw, that "rule" violation called on the Sox is another by-product of the dumb rules instituted by MLB. If any part of the player's foot is on the bare ground of the infield, that should count as being legally positioned. How many of us would look behind our heel to see if any of it is in the grass?

  7. I have been enjoying the Pirates this season, in no small part due to Cruz. Let's hope they can carry on while he mends.

  8. PIT 6-3 to start the season. Good bounce back win after yesterday's loss. MlL, PIT and maybe CHI could make the NL Central very interested. Congrats on the win PIT 👍.

  9. OK this game has just got weird energy and chaotic plays, Cruz just the worst example, but shift violations and all kinds of things. Oh well, THAT's baseball.

  10. Raise the Jolly Roger!

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