Why Bonnivier don’t pirate games anymore

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  1. Looking for copper, but found gold instead

  2. but for most of us now it might be like
    "looking for silvers but found gold"

    and lets just be honest pirating is not good thing too lmao the virus malware and stuff

  3. 10 mb/s on ID is exist? Where is he live?!
    I barely reach 2mb/s

  4. 40 gigs of porn? thats extreme. why did that even existed lol?

  5. that means Bobon can play using his own "JOY STICK"

  6. Lmfao same
    I even download for a week and the game didn't even work

  7. I wonder what kind of porn he found that make he hate it so much lol.

  8. Ah, the joys of global P2P file exchange and local small country network segments. Spent a lot of time downloading dodgy stuff in early 2000s, it was fun.

  9. his laugh is great hahahaha a certain cultured fish wants to know your location bonni hehehe

  10. Yknow the way he said some things kinda reminds me of Joel from Vinesauce. Indonesian Grand Dad hmmm…

  11. Wow, you used arknights main menu ost for outro.

  12. No one needs 40 gigs worth of porn images lmao

  13. Reminds me of that one anon who made a torrent for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, but instead of actually being Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, it was like 10GiB of Naruto AMVs.

  14. ay yo, can i ask about the title of the music at the outro?

  15. well he got the wrong website if he a noob searching for it

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