Why INDIANS Pirates Video Games | Paid Games Vs Pirate Games ⚡⚡

dosto is video mai aapko bata rha hu ki Why INDIANS Pirates Video Games, maine is video poori problem batai hai ki kyu hume Video games humne pirate nhi karne chahiye, Paid Games Vs Pirate Games, toh umeed hai ki aapko ye video pasand aai hogi 🙂

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  1. Matlab 50hazar laga kar console khareedu? Phir 20000 ki games alag s khareedu?? R pasand na aae to paisa barbaaad…… 😅😅😅

  2. FACT CHECKIn India Doing Piracy of Gaming is honorIn other countries Piracy of Gaming Bewkoofi

  3. Bro I have been playing Dota, CSGO, Pubg etc for atleast 10 years and 80% of gamers I meet have purchased expensive cosmetics in the app even though they are free games. You are absolutely wrong about the mentality part and even the parents part. I see kids half my age using cosmetics that cost above 2k. Yes I know people from poor families are not able to do that but I'm talking about even the middle class families kids even they are spending money to buy Royal Pass on PUBG etc.

    In india $60 for a game is not the same as it is in the US because of the huge currency difference. Simple fact is that wherever there is a huge demand and if the supply is inadequate OR too expensive, then people will find a way to meet that demand one way or another.

  4. You can wait for 1 or two years and on christmas of black friday and other such sales you can buy that 4000 rupee game in just 500 -1000 range, I bought wit her 3 in 250 ac origins 300

  5. Bhai me games purchase krta hu lekin kabhi kabhi game bhot mahga hota h isliye kabhi kabhi pirate krta hu to koi genuine website h to batao yar

  6. India gaming USA china say phechay hi rahay to acha

  7. Please make video on why AAA games not dubbed in Hindi or comes with hindi subtitles

  8. Not agree completely with you this everything which relates to entertainment is vary costly but income is limited if income is growing than lot of adults like us diffenately pay for all of entertainment items

  9. 2 lakh ka pc le skte hai lekin 2000 ka game nhi, azeeb Maintality

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