Why It’s Morally Okay To Pirate All Of Sony’s Games (The Jimquisition)

Sony has basically given incentive for us to pirate every PlayStation game under the sun. With their decision to axe the storefronts of three systems and consign thousands of digital games to oblivion, the company has fully telegraphed its regard for entertainment software.

Whether it’s PSP, PS Vita, or PS3, you might as well just download everything. At least one Sony executive would agree with you – the one so blinkered he can’t even understand why you’d PLAY old games, let alone buy them.

It is morally okay to pirate all the PlayStation games you like. Sony basically loves it.

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  1. Don't forget that Sony has already taken down like thousands of patches months ahead of the closure, and has only restored about half of them.

    Which renders the physical copies useless for those who didn't have the patches downloaded already.

  2. Sony's handing of the PS Vita always baffled me.

    The Vita debuted with a lot of hype because, at the time, it offered a marginally better deal than the 3DS.

    Then Sony proceeded to sit on it's ass while Nintendo molded the 3DS into a worthwhile product.

  3. There is also hard proof piracy isnt as damageing the entertainment industry claims it is. Julia Reda managed to declassify a burried offical EU report "Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU". In which the EU researched what the real effects are of piracy, and if the entertainment industry abused the subject for a wide arrange of anti cosumer, privacy and freedom of speech subjects. Of course the press didnt paid much attention to it, but this report destroys the entertainment industry, but since the EU is corporate union they of course tried to burry it. The irony is that Game Pass actually is based on what pro piracy advocates always claimed; that people will buy the product if they can try it out first.

  4. stop it with the stock videos, what the hell

  5. In defense of grocery stores, they cannot legally donate food past its sell date. So it gets thrown away. They also have to guard and ensure that that food is not consumed to protect themselves from lawsuits if someone were to consume it and get sick the store may be liable for providing rotten food to people.

  6. Finally this channel endorses piracy. It is in line with the channel's criticism of capitalism.

  7. This is why Nintendo also drives me crazy. So many amazing titles from older systems that you can't legitimately get anywhere. Emulators are the only option for a lot of them and most of those sites have been copyrighted to oblivion.

  8. This video has many subjects that i would give a like on its own.

  9. The funny part about the 'if it looks graphically old, it sucks' opinion is that at some point we will hit the absolute peak of game visuals and will never improve beyond that point. I'd like to see Jim Ryan's excuse for not letting people play old games when it gets to that point.

    I doubt it'll be valid.

  10. Ah man, the PS Vita version of Cyberpunk 2077 has no chance of being ready for June! πŸ˜…

  11. Regarding the food is rather thrown away and not given away, simple reason, if they give away the food and someone gets sick and that individual sues them, they will lose, cos they were given away ruined food. My wife's friend was used to work in Starbucks and they gave away the left over food to poor people and someone sued starbucks saying, they gave them ruined food and they won it, so Starbucks can't give away food anymore, they must throw it away.

  12. Note to new viewers: Jim also covered why it's morally ok to pirate all of Nintendo's games too which is just as spot on.

  13. Are Sony shitbags yup. Should I walk into a Sony distribution centre with a sawn off shotgun and liberate a PS5, …well if I knew where one was… Not sure anarchy is the answer, even anarchists get pissed off when you drink their pint when they are in the pisser.

  14. I love that James Stephanie Sterling tries so hard to keep politics out of their videos. No politics here at all, none whatsoever.
    Destroy capitalism.

  15. It's reclamation people remember

  16. I need to pirate Oddworld since these ports and the remake are traaaash

  17. ok so i looked it up and the companies not paying taxes THIS YEAR are just deferring payment of taxes to another year. they still end up paying it eventually

  18. I love how pirating offends people who payed 70 dollars for cyberpunk

  19. Although they went back and changed their decision of ending the PS Vita and PS3 stores, they still want to stop selling digital PSP games, despite the fact that you can still play those games on Vita. So… Yarr har fiddle dee dee!

  20. Honestly, I really appreciate that pretty much every YouTuber that I love in a variety of different genres is becoming leftist. It's like, nice to know that I would have been radicalized no matter what, just because I have good taste in people :3
    God bless you!! XD

  21. Just the attitude I'd expect from a fast food executive with an executive job at videogame company

  22. Hey, at least they changed their mind (for now)

  23. rewatching this vid i remembered that i have a friend who has bought ff7 to every system she's ever owned, which is in total 7 different systems.

  24. When Steph talks about all of her mental problems and impulsive behavior not once has she talked about her weight problem lol. sure goes far to hide it but never acknowledges it. Obviously hinders her wrestling performances because of her obese stature. Her poor fuckin knees

  25. Kind of hard to steal a sale if it isn’t available to sell in the first place

  26. Imagine working hard on developing the latest newest amazing video game but having no one to sell it to because people are still playing old video games. If old games are not destroyed, there will eventually be no market for new games. Same goes with food, the industry would collapse if people could just get free food because it went unsold.

  27. Sometime in the future:

    "Why It's Morally Okay To Pirate Microsoft's Games"

  28. Ok mommy πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

  29. This reminds me about all old films and TV series, lost forever because they ether weren't saved (why not trash it when we no longer sell it, eh?) or lost because the medium it was stored in was destroyed (either due to time and its effect on physical storage or external damage like flooding or fire).

  30. Video games have gotten to where they are because of old games like any technology. Don't dump on something because it's "old

  31. You can't steal an item from a shop THAT ISN'T ON OFFER

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