Why Piracy Will NEVER DIE

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Why is piracy resurgent despite the proliferation of cheap legal streaming options?

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  1. From China. I dare say that piracy is popular in my country, for the copyright protectors have been depressing customers.
    So my products are always free and open-sourced, even if I can't make a living from my products


  3. netflix was ok when was 4.99 and had less but good content now has too much but 7.99

  4. You know what's the worst part is, the plot was so weak and fast that no one is talking about Charles Xavier being in MCU. I mean we know they are somewhere in the multiverse, but this was the first time we actually saw them ! And it just didn't have any impact at all. Think about it, XMen, Fantastic 4, Dr Doom everything is official, but it didn't leave shit of an impact. That's how bad the writting was

  5. Russia officialy legalized it (though it was always legal in there)

  6. 😂😂😂😂 i dont pay for something that is free

  7. 😂😂 wait you pay for movie and songs?

  8. Re: the PSA – I would TOTALLY download a car if I could!

  9. Is there any other choice tho? Not everyone has alot of money to be buying 60$ nintendo games and the prices for old games nowdays are INSANE mario party 9 for the wii at my local gamestop is like +70$ like im not spending 70+$ on that while i can just download it on my pc and play it for free and not to mention companies hardly make demos anymore and somebody may want to try the game out and if they like it then they will buy a legal copy

    "If the company doesnt give a shit about the comsumer then why should the consumer pay for their shit"

    Ive had this exact problem with nintendo they price their old games at huge prices making it nearly impossible to afford if your on a budget and their offical emulators cost more then your average new mario nintendo title ON release day

  10. Entertainment Industry: You must pay for something you have no ownership of.

    Me: Oh, really?

  11. "You wouldn't download a car"
    Pirates: downloads GTA V and drives a car.

  12. What about games. FIFA is really hard to pirate. It seem like game developers are smart about those

  13. I've stopped paying more than 10€ for games altogether, and when i do pay, I always use key sellers

  14. theres some pieces of media like early sims games u just cant get legitimately anymore bc ea wont sell them lmao. and the good old "this service isnt available in your country" then the site or whatever gets their pants in a twist when someone uses a VPN. i dont feel sorry for pirating media made by monopolies when they try to make money off small youtubers for putting 1 sec of their thing or something in a vid lol.

  15. What I hate about streaming services is the exclusivity with content, like at first you were on Netflix and watching every season of Parks and Rec, all is good.

    But then Hulu offers NBC a better deal than Netflix and suddenly all the seasons are now on Hulu, and THEN NBC decides "you know what, let's make our own streaming service and them we get ALL the revenue" and NOW all of Parks and Rec is on Peacock, and don't even get me started with regional differences.

    It's like sports, first NFL was on ABC, then it moved to CBS, then Fox, then ESPN and then NOW it's back on ABC and for a higher price.

    I love it.

  16. Watching this 2 years later, it’s kind of scary how accurate it is with Netflix’s down fall.

  17. You know why piracy will never die? Because of Ubisoft🤣🤣

  18. Pirates for life son! I'm not rich like everyone else, so I'm a pirate, simple. And not only that, but when you want a classic / rare movie which is just not available on any of these platforms, you will most likely find it on pirate sites in full hd no less, and you get to keep it forever.

  19. I have 4x 8tb hard drives, all full of old and new movies and series all downloaded for free over the years. When something get's remade in FHD or 4k, I re download it. And people who have netflix and other accounts still want certain things from me, now isn't that ironic? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. When companies lock content behind a wall that you have to pay for monthly or yearly (in addition to all your other subscriptions and expenses) and don't give options for people to purchase digital or physical copies of that content to watch at home, don't be surprised when the amount of people illegally procuring that exclusive content starts to rise. Piracy is a response to stupid policies and a lack of easy access.

  21. I have couple TB of content on my Raspberry PI seeding 24/7 🙂 ENJOY

  22. me watching this while a sims 4 fit girl repack downloads in the background

  23. without piracy, i wouldn’t have been able to watch both IT movies. i can barely afford food what makes you think i’m gonna buy a movie

  24. Also when a streaming service chooses not to renew a license, people will turn to piracy to finish the shows they were watching. Also, a lot of it comes down to whether or not you can afford it.

  25. Well I downloaded sims 3 with all dlcs since I thought it would be insane to spend alot of money on digital content and they threatened to fine me if I didn't delete it

  26. Give me the means to permanently own something I want, and I'll pay for it. Otherwise…

  27. It will be fair to use genuine software if all people worldwide having the same purchasing power and opportunity, which means having more or less the same or similar income. Otherwise, world will not be fair among you and me and them. If there is big discrepancy among people, then there will always be piracy.

  28. I pirate stream everything with:
    1) Chrome Extensions: uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger
    2) Chrome Settings: Enhanced protection, DNS over HTTPS

    Basically, I have zero issue with popups & ads, so pirate streaming becomes Netflix with ALL CONTENT

  29. not only do i not have to pay, i can play all the Triple A games i want without supporting our corporate overlords!

  30. I am pretty sure piracy is most likely to happen in only these 2 cases:
    1. You cannot get the game or show legally, Developers stopped selling the product, or region locking

    2. The thing costs an absurd amount of money to legally own

  31. I never paid for Netflix. Just used torrent.

  32. I'm barely paying off my phone hahahahahaahhahahaha I have no clue how anyone buys Netflix and still gets to eat.

  33. Fun fact: cracked minecraft was one of the reasons why it blew up

  34. "its not like the streaming services themselves are becoming less popular"
    that aged like stinky milk for netflix

  35. "You wouldn't download a car"
    Fast forward a few years and you need to pay monthly subscription to use BMW's heated seats in a car you bought

  36. I can buy a bottle of coke in any store.
    I can buy a Snickers bar in any store.
    I can buy a cucumber in any store.
    I can buy all three together in my favourite store.

    I can buy Stranger Things only on one provider.
    I can buy The Mandalorian only on one provider.
    I can buy House of Dragons only on one provider.
    I cannot get any of them on my favourite provider.

    Is that so hard to understand?

    We have a split between producers of goods and distributors of goods in the real world for a good reason.

  37. How could people in poor countries pay more than a half of his salary just to buy a game? For example, in Brasil, you have to pay 4 month salary to get a ps4 and a simple game. Do you see why piracy is important for us?

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