Why Pirate games keep failing… feat. @BlueJayYT

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Skull and Bones’ terrible awful disgusting launch left me with many questions: Where are all the pirate games? Why do pirate games keep failing? Why after over 10 years is Black Flag still considered so good and why does Sea of Thieves still have so many players when no one else can seem to get it right?


Game: Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones, Black Flag, Sid Meire’s Pirates

0:00 Intro
0:23 Sid Meier’s and Exploration
2:44 Black Flag and Vibes
5:33 How to avoid scurvy (AD)
6:33 They messed up the Combat
8:29 Sea of Thieves and Combat
12:35 Where are all the Pirate games?
13:43 Skull and Bones

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  1. I'm still no better at SoT PvP than when I first started.

  2. Pirate games have so much potential, but y'know they will censor 99.99% of it's fun content.

  3. You know what, this makes sense. Great video as always!

  4. Naming my next rpg character Gay Waluigi, thank you.

  5. Sorry, I'm weeb, but…
    I just cope that someday we see One Piece pirate MMO or something. Screw these fighting and rpgs, GIVE ME TRUE PIRATE GAME ALREADY!

  6. Ubisoft could have just bought pirates! and remastered it and made more money

  7. Bro you should try sail vr it is the best vr pirate game ever and it has been made free recently

  8. The bedt pirate game i played is, funnily enough, a roblox game. Its called arcane odyssey if you're interested

  9. Well, all pirate games are in Age of Pirates series made by Akella

  10. The only reason Skull and Bones exists is so Ubisoft could get tax creditsfrom the Singaporean government. The only reson it was released is because they couldn't cancel it because they had already received the benefits of their deal. Oh, and there's this game called Blazing Sails, a "Sea of Thieves like", if you will.

  11. i love when people shit on skull and bones

  12. video title answer: because of the PVP aspect, new playes cant get anything done because players who have no life keep killing the new players (yes im salty about this)

    and you cant really play this game solo as a new player ebcause you constantly get attacked by larger ships that have several players on it, firing several cannons. so the new players give up on the game, because they cant progress the game!

    12:09 and this is happend to me alot and made me quit the game…show up with soem freshly dug up loot…and i get sunk on the island where i was going to sell my loot…

  13. for some reason i thought this channel was just a secondary one for bluejay

  14. A few months back i played Black flag. and in the game there was this one mission that was like 1000+ metres away from my current location. And i didnt have any fast travel around it, so i set sail. It took me 1 entire in game day and night to reach and luckily there were no battles or forts to fight at all. It was a peaceful journey. And god the sound of water hitting the ship and the sea shanties being sung was soo peaceful and calming, it made me feel like i was actually a crew member sailing and singing as well. That one moment made the entire game 10/10 for me.

  15. My favourite pirate game, and give me a second here to explain, was eve online!

    I claimed my own system and piloted a ship that took literally weeks of work to buy and kit out. Risking that much work each and every time you fight, and knowing the prey was that invezted in their ship too, made the stakes soooooo high!! Was utterly insane and adrenaline fuelled!!

    Man, I miss my Eve straight line…

  16. 1987 wrong pirates… you are talking about 2004 pirates.

  17. if u want a goodish pirate game try blackwake its not a game about exploration or anything else tbh but its really good fighting im my opinion and its really fucking fun with some friends

  18. Blood & Gold: Caribbean is fairly similar to Sid Meyer's Pirates but all of it real time and made by the devs of Mount & Blade so it is very janky but I loved it

  19. Would you happen to be a fan of Sequelitis? I feel like I see a lot of influence from Sequelitis, specifically the Zelda video. I absolutely fucking love it, and I really hope I’m reading the influence correctly!

  20. I always forget that bluejay and stellar jay are different YouTubers

  21. Also sid meyers has a very sneaky difficulty increase mechanic that took me few abandoned playthroughs in childhood to figure out. Every time you split loot with your crew, you can ask for a higher share, and this would result in a higher difficulty during next run. And the increase is also corresponding with your character's getting older (even the model reflects it).
    Like seriously, it boils down to hunting ONE guy, who you can't perma-kill, to get a THIRD of a map, which leads to one of the relatives. I always gave up after 1 relative.

  22. Skull and Bones could have been great but it was made by Ubisoft.

  23. Cant run around on my own ship or go below deck, or go into melee combat, no large ships at launch, live service, uninteresting gameplay loop, mobile game mechanics for loot just sad

  24. An excellent video! A very similar vibe to these games can be found in Barotrauma, albeit… pre-sunk? Look, boarding in Baro is a surefire way to get shot by both sides' turrets, but you got outpost raids, you got alcohol, you got the harmonica, you got a constant feeling of stress and fear as you try to keep your vessel from flooding, every person doing their part to keep the sub afloat. Taking risks to loot enemy subs and selling it at the right outpost for better profit margins, faction reputation stuff… Excuse the text wall, tl;dr is this:

    Barotrauma is good pirate boat game but under water.

  25. Skull and Bones is so bad I wouldn't even…pirate…it…

  26. Hell yeah Sea of Thieves best game in existence

  27. some day good one piece game shuld be release…

  28. Man.. Sid Meier's Pirates was my fucking childhood man… a part of it anyway.

  29. Sea Dogs (2000), my man. Sea Dogs.
    edit: the 'R' button makes the time go faster.
    also maybe Sea Dogs 2 but not necessary The Pirates of the Caribbean "localization".

  30. My fav part of sea of thieves is the social aspect. I am shy af, but even I have the urge to turn on voip and scream nonsense as we ram into the enemy ship and harpoon their crew.

    I mean what other game can get you to form alliance with potential enemies so you can play a song under a tree as sun sets to trigger a beautiful event dedicated to one of their devs who passed away in 2020?

  31. "Ubisoft they guys that never make something good ever" – cries in Anno.

  32. Talk about freedom, when in Skull and Bones you can't even swim. A PIRATE GAME, where you can't swim. 😐 Your character is pushed back by an invisible wall in the water.

  33. I think the bigger issue is the performance cost because the sea itself is a massive constantly animating, light refracting visual effect that may also need change shape if you want ships tip, rise and lower as they go over waves.
    Design wise I think the only untapped space is making a pirate world as fantastical as One Piece and making an open world sandbox akin to Fallout New Vegas.

  34. The Sid Meier's Pirates you're showing is from 2004, the 1987 one is a different game with the same name.

  35. You can’t tell me Sid Meiers Pirates is from 1987, the graphics are way to good maybe 1997…

  36. If you want to play a good pirate game, try Starsector. It's a space pirate game, though, but it got all aspects covered. You can be a privateer, you can build your own pirate haven, hag around ner-do-wells, sell AI cores to get pardon and even salvage wrecked (star) galleons! IN SPACE!!!

  37. Sea Of Thieves is a great game, well if we will not look at all bugs and cheaters πŸ˜€
    Other pirate games really sucks, waste of time and money.

  38. Sea of Thieves is the best pirate game. By a long shot. I stand by this.

  39. 8:19 I disagree. Especially against larger ships. Dodging the mortars from the Man O' Wars & legendary ships changes the dynamic quite heavily, as it forces you to pay attention & plan out your moves. This is also somewhat true for the forts. Also, early game, even things like Brigs can be a challenge, simply due to their health. Could it do with some added difficulty for those that want it and more unpredictability? Sure. But it still has it's challenges.

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