Why Pirate games keep failing… feat. @BlueJayYT

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Skull and Bones’ terrible awful disgusting launch left me with many questions: Where are all the pirate games? Why do pirate games keep failing? Why after over 10 years is Black Flag still considered so good and why does Sea of Thieves still have so many players when no one else can seem to get it right?


Game: Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones, Black Flag, Sid Meire’s Pirates

0:00 Intro
0:23 Sid Meier’s and Exploration
2:44 Black Flag and Vibes
5:33 How to avoid scurvy (AD)
6:33 They messed up the Combat
8:29 Sea of Thieves and Combat
12:35 Where are all the Pirate games?
13:43 Skull and Bones

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  1. Yo sea of thieves is actually p good i would recommend trying it out

  2. Sea of thieves would be so fucking amazing if my yar har pirate adventure wasn't constantly interrupted by sweaty bastards who call me the N word.

  3. The personified skull and bones crying really invoked skyward sword sequelitis lol

  4. It’s hard to make good pirate games due to it being extremely demanding and challenging. Hear me out:

    1. Water is hard to implement into the game, think back to the oldest games and realize just how bad it actually looks in those games. Some devs wouldn’t even allow you to swim in it, why? Because it’s a pain to code for. It’s hard to create water patterns and waves that seem random, detailed, and have water- like physics. This includes changes to water patterns and physics based on wind elements, if you choose to add that, or environmental changes like storms.

    2. A good pirate game requires more than just ship mechanics and water. It requires land gameplay.

    3. Land gameplay or the “Romanticized pirate fantasy” is hard to do, think about it, most people would expect, puzzle elements, platforming elements (not necessary but helps), adventure (finding treasure, mysteries, etc), a really good story line (props to the dev if they add twists and turns, the good old shocking revelations), great combat (in and out of the sea).

    If any one of these elements fail, the game usually just doesn’t work due to each of these elements being so intertwined together.

    In other words 4. Finding the synergy between these elements is hard to balance out.

    Sea of thieves was received with criticism when it first launched due to the lack of content, people would joke the devs worked on content 10% and 90% was spent on getting the water right…. And that honestly seems reasonable if you think about it.

  5. Best pirate game was the sly cooper minigame dude wtf

  6. You mention the combat aspect of Sea of Thieves but you forgot to mention that 90% of the time it doesn't work

    As much as I love SoT (Been playing it for 6 years almost, 3k hours) Due to recent (2 years ago) changes most of the time shots don't register
    Combat feels clunkier due to gun changes that were recently made to force prevent people who used an exploit to shoot them faster

    Also a huge lack of content updates as the devs are taking 4-7 months to release a single seasonal update which only adds quality of life improvements, and sometimes a new reskinned cosmetic set

    Not to mention there is a huge cheater problem and a huge cheating community which makes the game almost unplayable.
    Though the devs are working on an Anti-Cheat though, but we need to wait and see how this goes.

    This all being said Sea of Thieves is a wonderful game, and when it fully works without problems it is truly a one of a kind experience to play and my favorite multiplayer title of all time

    Just can't recommend it right now due to the state the devs left it in.

  7. Canyons remember the pirates of the Caribbean mmorpg? Shit was peak pirate game

  8. sot is pretty good its fun but theres only a couple pirate games worth playing also the small clip of u looking at the ladder because u missed had me lmao

  9. To any vr players, try out SAIL. Its so fun, and recently became f2p.

  10. a great followup to this would be a video PRAIIISING the soundtracks for pirate games. the sea of thieves soundtrack is so good and the fact that you can play songs with people is amazing

  11. I've been a pirate surfing the world wide web for decades.

  12. **also drinks Soju**… I will try that combo and I will come back to edit this with my review.

    Edit: I tried it…thank you… pouts

  13. I kinda liked Atlas even if its just reskinned Ark

  14. Is this entire video a reference to egorapotrs skyward sword bit In sequalitis

  15. dude, theres only one state that calls Kroger "King Soopers". not gonna say which cause that might doxx you

  16. 7:45 – The version of Pirates! you're showing clips of is the 2004 remake, not the 1987 classic.

  17. Black wake was good now its just full of SQUEAKERS sadly.

  18. In Black Flag I collected shanties,
    I took every fortress,
    I fully upgraded my ship,
    I took on the legendary ships…

    I DIDN'T complete the story,
    I DIDN'T get the diving bell,
    I didn't care for anything else.

    Ship & sail, crew & targets, storms & port.
    That's a pirate game in a nutshell.
    …and Capitan the Jackdaw as one!

  19. How tf did u upload this in the middle of my og pirates of the Caribbean trilogy rewatch as I play sea of thieves side missions for literally the first time in like half a year

  20. Sea of thieves mentioned 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  21. Skull and bones feels like its a sunken cost fallacy. They couldn't cancel the project because of how much money and time was spent so they rushed and cut off loose ends and added an in-game market to try and make back some of their money. I doubt this game will last long post launch after player count drops.

  22. Good Combat doesn't have to be PvP. That's all I'm going to say

  23. Last time I played Sea of Thieves I got chased for 2 hours, we threw all our loot at them to get them to leave us alone. We even tried to sneak a rowboat onto a selling island while the rest of us ran. They didn't even take the loot.

    What did they want, to anchor us in place and then spawn kill us until we log off. I uninstalled the game and have yet to even want to install that toxic hell again. The problem with Sea of Thieves is there is enough PvE content for people like me to enjoy but the people who have kept playing it just hate people who don't want to PvP.

  24. I hear your soju and orange juice and I raise you soju and pineapple juice

  25. i wish i could enjoy sea of thieves but i just cant enjoy pvp

  26. Love seeing a blue jay make it in the youtube industry

  27. But what about PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ONLINE? Homies loved it so much that when it shut down, players reverse engineered it and made private servers

  28. I don't think you're looking at Sea of Thieves through the right lens. It's not an exploration game, it's kinda like an extraction shooter.

  29. It's probably because to many people are pirating them.

  30. Let freedom reign, and the pirates shall flow. Break the track, set a unmarked path, and let the ocean salt itself.

  31. This reminds of a mid 2000s 2D art pirate PC game I used to play. Can’t remember the name unfortunately.

  32. im so glad that someone else feels almost the exact same way about sea of theives, pvp content is great, amazing even. its just exploration is lacking and lets face it, the majority of pve content is lacking.

  33. Sot is also cool because the story is driven by players and their simple decisions, and also you can shoot birds out a cannon

  34. If I ever make a pirate game, I plan on giving the player the freedom to make and break alliances, explore locations that feel different(both game play and atmosphere) and find creative ways to fight. Also I feel four players is a bit small for a max crew size.

  35. Black Flag's modding community has helped the game A LOT and I urge everyone to check out the nexus

  36. Why, because none of them are as fun a Sea of Thieves

  37. W inspirational ending 😭😭

  38. i woke up from a fever dream one day and spent the entire day searching for the pirate game of my childhood but never found it… oh hey! it was Sid Meier's!

  39. I counter argue that anyone is allowed to be upset at someone taking their loot in sea of thieves, especially the ones which require a lot more time commitment to acquire.

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