Why Pirate games keep failing… feat. @BlueJayYT

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Skull and Bones’ terrible awful disgusting launch left me with many questions: Where are all the pirate games? Why do pirate games keep failing? Why after over 10 years is Black Flag still considered so good and why does Sea of Thieves still have so many players when no one else can seem to get it right?


Game: Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones, Black Flag, Sid Meire’s Pirates

0:00 Intro
0:23 Sid Meier’s and Exploration
2:44 Black Flag and Vibes
5:33 How to avoid scurvy (AD)
6:33 They messed up the Combat
8:29 Sea of Thieves and Combat
12:35 Where are all the Pirate games?
13:43 Skull and Bones

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  1. Sea Of Thieves was so close for me.

    But the fact you just endlessly loot for no real reason killed it…

  2. Sea of Thieves became shit when they gave a middle finger and told, any and all players who played for skill expression, to fuck them selfs by removing arena and now, patching double gun. Literally besides adding new canon types, every update since release made the combat continually worse

  3. Still not convinced you two aren't the same person. Bird. Creature.

  4. Roblox: Arcane Odyssey is the greatest pirate game OAT, change my mind.

  5. It's the Jay duo. You're both 2 of my favorite creators, I am happy to see the collaboration

  6. I always thought that you two where the same person

  7. Wait, if this is a pirate video, and BlueJay’s next video is a pirate video, and blue jay is in this video, will there be a second collab on bluejay’s channel????

  8. Sea of thieves in its current state may be… debatably good for pvp players, but Rare just seems to refuse to want to consider those players who love the pve side to be anything but second-class players, the hostility towards them is absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Crew abandoners (boarders) unite! ⚔

    We truly are the most important role!

  10. it's so funny that Bluejay wouldn't have any interaction with this channel but he does because ur both birds

  11. thank you stellarjay for a new opinion to absorb

  12. I've been waiting for a collab between these two for ever

  13. Cant wait for sea of theives to come out on ps5

  14. Try blazing sails! Battle royal pirate game, really good 🙂

  15. im more of a strawhat kind of pirate, but i totally see where you are coming from!

  16. Stellar job, Jay. I hope the next video is about why almost no one is making good kart racers. Like seriously, its depressing. In the last 10 years there's only been 2 good kart racing games and neither of them are on pc.

  17. Yeah I agree. All the new software makes them take forever to crack, and the download speeds are so slow.

    Oh wait he sait pirate not pirated

  18. Babe, get up, new Stellar Jay video just dropped

  19. Anyone remeber black wake? Shit was awesome befoe it died. RIP my sweet pirate love.

  20. Ubisoft has really just been going downhill for year last good game they had was siege😭

  21. Arcane odyssey babeeeeyyyy we love arcane odyssey we love arcane odyssey

  22. Ah yes, the pirate adventures of Mr. Gay Waluigi.

  23. sea of thieves is only fun if you want to sweat. even calm seas is sweaty against skeleton ships. it would be so perfect if i had the chance to chill and find treasures. i want nothing more…

    I do NOT have the FREEDOM to get a chill pirate experience.

  24. Myf faverite is sea of thieves its fun even without frends at least for me

  25. Hey, it’s the two YouTubers I keep confusing with the other!!! 🎉

  26. This man (out of the blue) just decided to talk about my childhood. Sid Meier's is one of the greatest games, trying to take a town or sneak out of jail is peak in no other game but this.

  27. this is how d$t ocean content could've beE|| l1ke

    i hate the crab king
    i h4te the crac kin6
    I HA7E T|=|E (RAB K!N6

  28. Hey thier this game called wizard 101 thats a great wizard game
    Is also has a seqwuil caled priates 101

  29. I wanted to make my own pirate game, but I'll have to define the meaning of my own pirates first.

  30. i always think that maybe if game companies just stopped for a day to watch some videos like this, they could actually make successful games


  32. This is one of those videos made to only be watched once, while simultaneously begging you to watch it over and over and over again due to how perfectly crafted it is

  33. "Don't be mad at the theives" oh no no no, we will be mad but instead of being salty, we shall B-Line straight toward the ship that sunk us after we respawn and fight them with limited ressources just to get that sweat revenge, even if they already sold everything we used to own.
    Litteraly some of the most memorable battles I ever participated in.

  34. i tried to join ur discord, it says "unable to accept invite"

  35. Talking to women?? I'm sorry, are you INSANE??

  36. I know this is both really janky and basically copied Sid Meier's to a point, but I've had a lot of fun with Carribean Legend (the 'Sea Dogs: To Each His Own' remake). Sandbox mode is free to try 🙂

  37. 7:45 that's for the original game on Commodore64, the one you look at is the 2004 remake. I don't mean to go "erm actually" I just thought I let ya know

  38. “Why does __ game always fail?”
    Corporate greed, done.

  39. I was lucky to have a friend let me play using their beta code and thar very first experience, sailing with a crew of 3 other beta testers who were just as fresh to it as I was, going to Devil's Ridge to dig up our first chest, and ending our little session in a tavern with some grog and shanties… that is was sold the game to me. Over 6 years later and though it has its rough patches, I still find myself coming back just for that freedom it gives.

  40. Wow I agree with this and have been waiting for another proper one since sidmires pirates 😢

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