Will This Be A Good Pirate Game? Skull & Bones Closed Beta Gameplay E2

enter the perilous world of skull and bones where you play by your own rules to rise from a nobody to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin. skull and bones Releases on Febuary 16th 2024 on ubisoft connect, epic games, playstation 5, xbox series x|s, and luna.

Thank you too Ubisoft for providing me with early access to skull and bones!

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  1. It's a good imitation of a pirate's game. this is not accurate ..no females on any pirate boats. they deemed them bad luck. broke my immersion hearing females screaming every 2 sec in battle. lol

  2. No. Maybe if they didn't add machinegun cannons and cut scenes galore. Can't do board ships or fight pirates. Ruined what could have been a game of the century.

  3. I had this all wrong. I was under the impression that Black Flag was such a hit that they took it out of the assassin's creed franchise and were making it its own franchise under a new name. I was expecting similar game mechanics, but reading the comments here about no hand to hand combat, no ship boarding, not even being able to roam your own ship…How hard would it have been for Ubisoft to just improve on Black Flag. They own the IP, they could have taken BF and made it a new IP.

  4. The closed beta is fairly decent, could do with a bit more life improvements but it's looking hopeful.

  5. It's not a pirate game it's a boat arcade game.

  6. I liked my own comment because no one else liked my comments😔…

  7. Can't beat the best "pirate game", One Piece Odyssey tats for sure…

  8. Nah. The voice acting is total shit, you can't walk around you or anyone else's ship, can't fight each other 1 on 1, no first person, etc. Why is it that these game developers continuously give us games that aren't what the gaming community wants? The only game that's even close to capturing a true pirate game, is SOT.

  9. Sucks that the game became what it is. Its a pirate World of tanks.
    Its a ship mmo not a pirate game.

  10. I was hoping for a more realistic Sea of Thieves. So far, my issues are the sailing, lack of land combat, inability to roam the islands or your customizable ship and cut scenes. Maybe because I had high hopes, this feels like an epic failure

  11. saw i got picked on the mail friday wtf same day they relese the damn thing not much prepairing their games def think all are kids now days this game rmeind me a bit of the mobile phone game 7-10 years ago (cut scenes) this made me diside fu hate things like that if you can´t turn it off Middle-earth™ Shadow of War was game like that loved the first one and that this was gonna rock but cut scenes killd it for me should be an options always.

  12. Thanks for playing this game it looks interesting ,yes I wish you can go online to do raids and hunt

  13. Been playing the Beta this weekend, having played previous betas the game has improved. A fun weekend with building new ships, digging up 3 lots of treasure and plundering with other pirates on line. BlackFlag / SOT it is not but still a fun game and on that I am hoping that it will finally get released.

  14. They need to stop all the griefing pvp OK but not like sea of thieves

  15. All I’m hearing is “I’m enjoying it but I don’t think you’ll enjoy it “

  16. I’ve watched your entire stream and it looks pretty good to me, sounds like you want it all, Sea of Thieves, Black Flag and everything in between.

  17. Wow, looks worse than I thought.
    Thanks for the video, think I’m completely done with Ubisoft now.

  18. There’s no need for land combat. Pirates spent most of their time on the seas unless they sailed into a port or unknown land looking for treasure or something. 80% of their battles and experiences were on the seas. Ubisoft pride themselves on eras being historically accurate so they’re not keen on the whole land combat thing. If people can’t come to terms with that, then they crave a less true-to-life experience, like Sea Of Thieves. Nothing wrong with that, just means S&B is not for them. The game is really good, there’s absolutely no way someone can say “This isn’t good” just because it’s subjectively not what they want.

  19. F2P or GP is about the only way I'd hop on this. There is just not enough here for me. It does look pretty though.

  20. This game will be DOA quicker than you can say, Davy Jones's locker.

  21. they fucked up this game
    the only reason it was published
    is they took government money to make it
    in the form of a grant
    this game is worth maybe between 10 and 19 dollars
    it would have done better if it was a browser game

  22. i played the beta and i had so much fun playing. swapping between things to do, doing quests, then hunt for blueprints for upgrades, get my resources, and sometimes just going around aimlessly and hunting random ships. I even did some trading! but most fun of all for me was, configuring your ship, your look, the customizibility just worked for me.

  23. Ac4 is calling. atleast there you feel like a pirate instead of a clown on a speed boat with neon sails rockets and torpedoes.

  24. scurlock alone is a dealbreaker for me. so annoying

  25. Many are comparing this too much to Black Flag, sure it is somewhat inspired by it but it seems to be going more towards games like Sailing Era without the super gritty details/ hardcore aspects. Sailing Era definitely had a slow pace for enjoyment of progression and this game was sped up a tad just to appeal to more people who want instant gratification. Didn't play the beta but if you want Assassin Creed where you are an Assassin go play that, the game was not designed for melee action just based on beta gameplays. Wait for the full release.

  26. All I've seen are the crapy looking small boats. Where are the larger vessels you can sail

  27. this actually doesn't look THAT bad. It's just isn't as good as Sea of Thieves

  28. Best Pirate so far i have seen on the closed beta wow amazing skill ty 🙂

  29. Enjoyed the video! If you're hooked on naval warfare, Corsairs Legacy is a hidden gem. Unlike Skull & Bones, it offers a rich pirate experience with thrilling boardings, immersive quests, and epic ground combat. Ready your crew for a new gaming adventure! 🎮⚔

  30. I would say that I personally do wish there were some additions like land exploration and combat, but at the same time, all I really wanted from black flag was the ability to customize my ship, the type of ship, the weapons on the ship, and really make it my own, as well as play with friends. I had a great time in the beta, I think people get too caught up in the expectations. Ive been waiting for this game since I was in highschool in 2016 and im just glad that it has improved since the trailers last year. I personally enjoy World of Warships, so this is still pretty appealing to me, and honestly its better than WoW because at least you can interact with your ship and ports far more intimately.
    Only thing id really love added is the ability to walk around on the ship.

  31. Honestly have to even reached out the the game developer to see what was going to be in full game instead of complain about what is not in a Beta? The person above me explains what is in full game. Well then i would say play Black Flag and quit scaring people off with your not review review the game will not be delayed its coming out in February16th. Since you are the expert make your own pirate game then, 99% of people i played with during beta understood it was "Beta" and still are buying the game, you were given a game key to play this and all you have done each video is bag on the game over and over, telling people its too early for a review but doing it anyways. You you tube influencers just play peoples games and if it does not conform to what you think it should you bag on the game mercilessly, you are doing companies a disservice. The quest button is there X I understand you wanting to walk around your ship etc but you are the one steering your ship if you are walking around opps you cant. Also people really need to quit saying negative things when they play a game for 6 hrs quickly due to the closed Beta the operative word Beta. The game is not out yet, if you want walking for control of you sails etc let them know. Just be glad that this game is finally coming out. I played beta and had no graphic problems it also could be you streaming from you tube or twitch etc. I have a 2070 Super graphics card from Nvidia and the graphics looked great to me so not sure what is wrong with yours, but to complain and say you do not like complaining about graphics you really complained about everything under the sun. DId you ever think with dlc etc things could be added? but if everyone wants to compare it to sea of thieves or Black Flag they need to play those games. This game is it's own game not something else.

  32. Black flag by far the best pirates game i play so far even though the game was not a pirates games whahha ..
    Ubisoft should make pirates game using black flag as their base .

  33. It could be a coincidence, but every Woke game I've played is terrible. Once you see that half the crew is female, it's a good bet the game will be awful. It's as if instead of focusing on gameplay, the developers become obsessed with diversity, equity and inclusion. They do a great job of representing every gender, ethnic group, and sexual preference, and a horrible job actually making a good game.

  34. I and several others had an amazing time playing the beta. Judging a game hoping its black flag 2 is rediculous. It's not AC or BF. It's a naval combat pirate role play. The people dumping their complaints never opened their own pirate den and have literally based the game off tier 1 ships.

    This game will be 🔥

  35. This game is not for everyone. I’ll definitely play this game. If you are looking for a pirate game with hand to hand combat, it exist: Sea of Thieves. This has a different take on it which is completely ok. Having all those things in this game will introduce many problems, server stability, balancing, lagg, glitches etc. Note: Black Flag, although you could do hand to hand combat you are limited in the places you can disembark.

  36. Like the boarding in Assassin Creed Odyssey, never get tired or bored, the same way they do not include swimming, or diving, they could have get of the tree cutting or some other aspect of the game it is more like Anno 1800.Even though, the combat in Anno 1800 is more unique. This is what happen too many people are trying to come up with something but they cannot come together as one. Some players are not so happy because we or they know they have made better game than that. Know it the developers choice but most players are planning on buying it. It is not the worst game out there. Thank you for your honest opinion.

  37. To me Skull and bones doesn't look like a pirate game at all. It looks like a naval battle game with a pirate skin. I mean, what sort of pirate destroys all their potential loot? 🤷 what, apart from the aesthetic, is pirate about this game? 🤔🤔

  38. I dislike the lack of customization as well, character creation is extremely simple, ship customization is weak, and as you said you can’t even hire your own crew and I doubt it’ll be their late game either, game is definitely meh, I’d play it for free but no way am I dishing out money for it

  39. They are going to have an open beta in less than 2 weeks for about 4 days in February….

  40. A 1700's fantasy naval game. Not a pirate game

  41. Iv played two betas so far and I really enjoyed it. Yes, I have almost a thousand hours in Sea of thieves and some decent black flag experience but those are simply different gendres and cannot be compared to these MMO naval tactics RPG. World of warships is a great tactical naval combat, but it lacks the aspect that skull and bones deliver. Im excited to be honest.

  42. Ive been enjoying the game the beta is fun. Most of the people complaining are people who want things in the game that were never advertised as part of the game, they hyped up features that the devs never said would in the game then cry when its not in the game😂

  43. Played it its soo boring so to answer no no it wont be a good pirate game hell its bearly even a game. i litraly watched a twitch streamer look more bored than a guy waiting to have a dentist appointment fight a fort 1 shot at a time watching its hp bar go down over a 5 min period. noone can defend this game costing as much as it dose.

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