Worlds Adrift: The Most Ambitious Pirate Game Since Black Flag

The team behind I Am Bread is bringing physics to a shattered world infested with sky pirates.


  1. Looks pretty cool. Sea of Thieves is going to dump all over this though

  2. Must go play AC4 Black Flag again!! Amazing game. AC2 and Black Flag are the best in the series. Brotherhood was dope too.

  3. This does look very awesome especially coming from Bossa would never expect a TPS from them.

  4. This game looks amazing, I love the idea, and I've always loved physics based games.

  5. This looks promising. IF they put alot more work in the graphics and make it all look less janky and buggy.

  6. sea of thieves? that one is the most ambitious pirate game since black flag.

  7. This game looks magnificent, I cant wait to play it

  8. Wow, a good IGN video? For real though, this game is amazing, only thing I could ask for would be player made structures and some kind of endgame. Mobs would be nice, too, especially if you could capture them.

  9. It looks really cool, I like the idea of befriending a crew only to destroy their respawn points so me and my actual friends can steal their ship.

  10. sandbox + gamers = griefworld of trollcraft

  11. So Black flag crossed with I am Bread Crossed with Skyward Sword? Count me in!

  12. Skies of Arcadia wannabe? Wuuuuuuuuut? 😨 Omg! Just the fact its main location are floating islands in the sky makes me wanna play it. Ahhhh, Sega needs to remake Skies of Arcadia and some of their great games of early 2000's 😣

  13. Bets known for I Am Bread? I believe they're best know for Surgeon Simulator, which is pretty much the original joke simulator.

  14. looks cool and I like the emergent gameplay it seems to offer

  15. game looks awesome building a ship looks awkward

  16. kind if reminds me of skies of aracadia, the astetic not the gameplay

  17. Sea of thieves ????? HOLLO IGN , are you on drugs maybe ?

  18. It will actually be pretty rare to find players. And they said that they wanted the game to be a little calm. Not a shitstorm of ships flying through the sky shooting at eachother,

  19. I can't wait to see this game once it's done….will be so fun

  20. Way to use footage from other youtubers.


  22. This game is running perfectly for the ones playing in this video, but in reality 9/10 people including me are facing serious bugs in the game, I can't even get the camera to stop panning to a corner.

  23. The closed alpha is a lot different than what is actually in the video

  24. What is with the polygonal graphics, overlayed with cartoonish features. It's ugly as hell.

  25. Calling it a Pirate game is pretty far fetched. Community is so nice and helpfull that I have used weapons against players only 2 times. Once when a guy stole my stuff and second time when I chased some people off an island for trying to board my ship by relentlessly bombarding them.

    All the other times people have given away blueprints, allowed you to craft stuff you can't and even given me a lift to certain islands I died from with no spawn points.

  26. playing this game in 2017, theres no such thing as photographs from the people

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